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Jul 06, 2011

Okay, didn't do this in the beginning. I'm two months about on this journey, and so far
I'm finding it totally awesome.  Did all the diets that were out there, same results.Then a 5 years ago, became ill. Due to a complication ended up 10 months in the hospital. The only good thing that came from that was I lost 85lbs.  That new body and feelings, once I finally realized I was slim( took awhile) was fantastic. The esteem and confidence walking into a room, I had forgotten what that felt like. Now, 5 years later we were right back
there 85lbs. gained back.
So far, I'm finding this a fantastic tool to control my eating. I hope the journey only get better.
Went away for the Holiday,  three family get togethers.  Did very good at first two.  Third-????
But, I was pleased that there was control, even if not on plan.  Drank shakes for for non-party meals.  I just didn't want to gain, and I didn't, still lost.  Was pleased to fit in to some old outfits I had, so no shopping for things I hope,  will get big.

Best of all people noticed, felt so good!!
Back on full course,  getting more water down.  Next goal is some exercising--tough one for me, but going to try!!!!


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