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My RNY was performed in 2009. I recently had a varicose vein ablation and the PA asked me to start taking Aspirin as there was an area of concern for a blood clot. Does anyone take regular or baby aspirin with their RNY?

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I'm five years post op RNY. I had originally lost 90 pounds but I have gained about 40 of it back. I recently started a new job where I will be working Monday through Friday 8-5pm. You know, normal life hours. I was on midnights before that. However, d

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Short term disability - Hi all, I'm having my tummy tuck and breast lift in January and I get CIGNA short term disability through my employer. I plan on taking four weeks off and using my vacation time fo...

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Side boob. - What surgery takes care of that? Arm lift? Breast lift?

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Henry Ford Support groups.. - I need times for the support groups. It's been a long time since I've been to one. I would like to go to the support group ran by Annette. I just cannot remember the days or times....

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Another Calorie Thread - Does it seem reasonable to eat more calories on the days that I work out? Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays I work out 1.5 to 2 hours, sometimes three. I was thinking of bumpi...

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