Calvary Chapel Rancho Cucamonga's Women's Retreat 2009

Oct 18, 2009

So, I spent the weekend in Murietta for the women's retreat. It was a great weekend. The topic was Psalm 23, which was so appropriate with everything that's going on in my life right now. I am doing to break down the sections as we went through the 6 verses of the Psalm.

Teaching I - Psalm 23 - The Shepherd we need.

Teaching II - Psalm 23:2 - The Shepherd of Rest and Peace

Teaching III - Psalm 23:3 - The Shepherd of Healing and Guidance

Teaching IV - Psalm 23:4-5 - The Shepherd of Presence

Teaching V - Psalm 23:6 - The Shepherd of Hope and Heaven

Each section was broken down and explained. I was interesting, emotional and a true blessing.

In between teachings, we also had devotion and down time to reflect on the teachings and have devotional time with the Lord. Over the almost 48 hours that I was there, I walked almost 4.5 miles. Thank God I took my walking shoes with me, or I'd be hurting. Oh, and they know how to feed you, too. Here is the menu from the weekend:

Friday Night
Chicken with Curry sauce
CousCous ) I had 4 small was yummy)
Steamed green beans and carrots
Fresh whole wheat bread
Apple tart (1/8 of a pie = about 2ozs.)

Quiche Lorraine (1/8 of a pie = 2-3ozs)
Fresh zucchini bread
Fresh fruit
Orange Juice

Chicken salad sandwiches (on butter croissant - De-constructed (chicken, mayo, celery and red bread)
Snack-sized Sun Chips
Fruit salad (cantalope, honeydew, grapes and pineapple)
Oatmeal choc. chip cookie
Strawberry lemonade

Roast beef with mushrooms (I had about 3ozs)
Penne pasta with garlic/parmesan/cream sauce (I had 3 pieces of pasta)
Steamed broccoli
Fresh Catalina bread
Black & White Mousse (Dark and white chocolate...I had about 4 bites)

Scrambled eggs
Stawberry/Banana Yogurt
Freshly made Granola (I didn't have any)

I also had SF Iced Chai lattes from their coffee shop...Yummy!

So all in all, It was a fantastic weekend with awesome women and awesome teachings.