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My name is Kayla, im 25 i have 4 children full time, ages 15, 11, 3 and 5. (2 stepchildren) i have very high cholesterol, irregular periods, back pain, headaches and high blood pressure. After many failed dieting plans and gaining weight back immediately after stopping prescription weight loss I started this bariatric Journey Back In December. My fiance and I are not yet married so I am on healthy Indiana plan. With my insurance I had to do 6 months supervised weight loss & dieting... I am very happy to say this is month 8 and i got my approval from insurance ( awesome because my bariatric doctor said I would more than likely be denied the first time said that is common with HIP) I had to complete the following steps... I had to have a full psychological evaluation, drug test, nicotine test, EKG, blood work, chest x-ray, One support group meeting, 5 online lessons with homework, I had to lose 2.5% of my body weight before I could be approved by Deaconess weight loss Solutions and 5% before my surgery. I got my approval from my insuance, and go in 9/1/16 to have a 5 hour dr appment with Dr Burry my surgion. Then they said be prepared about a week later i have to do a scope down my throat to make sure everything looks good. My surgery date should be a week or two after. :) I would love to make friends 



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