1st NUT appt with WLS revision

Mar 09, 2018

I have come to the decision that I am going to try to get a revision surgery.  You see, I have gained ALL of my weight back from my previous surgery 6 years ago. HOW?? Although there may be some physical issues with my stomach and body, including GERD, hiatal hernia, and insulin irregulation, I have to also admit that I simply did not stick to the regimen that I ever so promised myself 6 years ago.  I have taken responsibility for the ill choices that I have made with food, and the poor relationship that I have with food and my emotions.  I understand that there is something else at play: mental health.  Therefore, I am going to also join OA.  I wanna check it out and see if it could help me.  I know that this second time around (if I get approval), I MUST do things differently, and I MUST seek out long term options.  It is very possible that I am an overeater, or even a compulsive eater, and I must also treat the psyche as well as the body.  

When I first began to notice that I was regaining the weight, I did reach out to the office that did my surgery.  They made me feel like crap.  I was very open and vulnerable, telling them that I am concerned that I may not be doing well with my eating and I began to drink wine once a week (2 years post op).  They told me that because I was eating fast food and drinking, and that I basically deserved the 15 lbs that I gained back.  They stated that I did not qualify for additional tests to see if there was any physical conditions.  I asked if they would let me participate in the free group counseling sessions.  They basically stated that I would not be a good example for those individuals who are new to the group and learning to manage their eating habits (I had gained about 15 lbs back after 2 years post surgery).  I was very discouraged and continued to do the same thing.  Here I am , about 100 lbs later, feeling worse than I did when I had the initial surgery. 

I had my first nutritionist appt on Wednesday.  Although I have not technically received approval from my insurance company for WLS revision (sleeve to bypass), the office is treating me as though I have gotten approval.  If I do not get approval, then I will do the non-surgical medically supervised weight loss program. 

Well, the appointment was great! She gave me so much more motivation.  I was really expecting for her to judge me, considering that I gained all of my weight loss back from the previous WLS surgery.  Instead, she wanted me to focus on my strengths.  She did suggest that I write down all of the significant events (good and bad) that may have caused my weight gain.  She also encouraged me to attend the revision WLS support group that meets monthly. I feel very empowered and motivated to continue my journey.  

The 3 things that I am going to try to improve by the next NUT visit in one month:                                                     

Eat 3x's a week

Exercise 3x's a week for 30 min

at least 40 oz water per day

I am determined to make pernament changes this time around in order to make long term success.  

"Be well in every way"



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