Anxiou for Surgery

Feb 03, 2020



I am so anxious and ready for surgery! I am on a few weight loss surgery groups on Facebook and I see others and their success... I just want to go on and get it and begin my journey! I am scheduled for late March, and it seems like it is taking forevvvver!!! LOL.  I know my time will come, and until then all I can do is wait! However, while I am waiitng, I am seeking a mental health professional to help me with my eating issues.  I am nervous because this will be a revision surgery for me, and I am super worried that I will end up right back where I am.  Some of it is mental... And I know that I MUST chande my habits in order to get long term results.  There are so many things that I want to accomplish that my weight is causing a barrier with.  I'm not going to live in the past.  And I'm not going to live in conviction.  I did not make the best choices in the past.  I get that.  I am taking steps every day to prevent that.  And I have to understand that eating is a daily choice.  I will have to wake up and choose to be healthy every day.  I know I got this, and I am so so ready to start my journey!

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