My story is like most I have read on here,overweight child, not so much though hs heavy but not unhealthy. I met my husband when I was 20 his lofe style was very different from mine 9 he was in a band) so they had late night eating sessions, pit stops at whataburger at 4 am, That will pack on the pounds. Got married at 21 was Fat and Prego at 25, My preanancy was awful, most pepole enjoy being prego not me I was hot and hungry all the time, I delevop GD and had to check my sugar and watch was I was eating( ok I was pregant and already fat) I was told the baby will suffer if you don't keep your sugar down..ok freak out city. He was 5 weeks early and high sugar the whole nine man it was scary, That is when my journey on WLS started I look at Lap Band, call got my first appt, went to the "info" session. Then they said you can't have a baby for a while (which I was ok with I didn't want to go though that again) We did however want two kids, So I got scared and started thinking about after Ihad this how would the baby grow and get all it needs from me, So 1 year later I was pregant again. Had a beautiful baby girl, same awful prenancy. So the whole thing started over, i joined WW, Jenny Craig, I bought powder drinks from some commerical. Here I sit today 245 the heaviest I have ever been in my life. Uncomfortable in my own skin, Hating myself, Wanting so bad to enjoy life and not care about the weight, But the weight is what keeps me down, Always the "hot" one, gotta take sit breaks cause my feet are killing me. Ok this is me a big blob of a mother (my kids need better) that rambles on and on...(i know there are missed spelled i said i have 2 kids they are 3 and 19 mts)


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