5 days post op Lap RNY

Oct 22, 2010

Had a mixed day today.

Couple of good naps, lots of gas, several walks but I can't do far.

Was alone while hunny popped out to work and toddler was at daycare. Got too bloated with gas and couldn't get out of recliner. Called my brother in tears to come extract me!! Good to have support.

Took a gas x, a walk, more fluids, hubby came home, ate some broth (first time hungry since surgery) and am feeling a HECK of alot cheerier. What a roller coaster.

Tomorrow hubby going out in evening, is a referee for local roller derby and it is his last game of their season. A work friend is coming to sit with me and Joey. (She is an MRI Tech and is good with patients!!!)  Sunday a friend from church is bringing Scott and Joey dinner. Chatted to few friends today and feel abit more upbeat.

What a rollercoaster!!!  Off to make the baby a piece of gormet toast!!! 

10/15/10 - 3 days til surgery - all set!!

Oct 15, 2010

3 days left then. just one weekend, then Monday morning I have to check in at Cheyenne Hospital at 750am for 950am surgery.

My surgeon met with me today for the last time, she was happy with me losing 17lbs so far.

I am all set. I am alternating between scared and excited and nervous. I had the band 4 years ago, removed 2 years ago, so I know some of the issues, thirst, nausea, hot hospital rooms, dry mouth, icky barium swallow. I have not had a catheter and drains and staples before, that will be new.

With my band I could eat sugars with no problem, altho I did become lactose intolerant. I am looking forward to not testing to see if I am liable to dumping syndrome. If I am I will find out accidently - no testing planned here.

I had a little weep on my husbands chest last night, mostly because I am worried about leaving my 2 yr old for 4 days, we have never been separated before and I love him soooo much. That is why I need to do this, to be more active for him and I.
I will update again after my surgery. Thanks.

09/16/10 - I've got a date - October 18th!!

Sep 16, 2010

Wow, things are moving fast. Insurance confirmed yesterday that I am approved for surgery.  Then today the surgeon's office called and I have a date of October 18th. I have to meet with the surgeon Sept 30th for one last final face to face with the surgeon and get one last round of bloodwork.

I am worried about my son. We adopted him from birth, he has already "lost" one family, I am worried that I am going to be lost to him too. I pray to God I make it thru this surgery in one piece and we all have a better future ahead of us.


07/19/10 - Psych Exam, Dietician & Nurse Practioner

Jul 25, 2010

Done, done and done. All pleased with me.

I have passed my Psych Eval!!!

Next appointment is August 20 - meeting my surgeon here in Casper, I guess they travel from Cheyenne to Casper once a month to provide service here.  I believe surgery is always done in Cheyenne tho.

Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!

07/09/10 - EKG today - was normal

Jul 09, 2010

Yey! Bloodwork on Monday

06/23/10 - Surgeons Office calling Insurance Co tomorrow

Jun 23, 2010

I am holding my breath
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06/16/10 Sleep Study done - pending results

Jun 17, 2010

Just the little Pulse Oximetry One. Waiting for results to see if I have Apnea or not.
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June 11, 2010 - filled in all forms for Surgeon

Jun 11, 2010

Going to mail off my packet to the Surgeon's office on Monday. Have even found out some old paperwork about my previous failed Lap Band and my repeated Gastritis.

05/26/10 - Call to UHC insurance Co

May 26, 2010

Called United Health Care with my Policy Details. They verbally told me that my Hewlett Packard policy covers Weight Loss Surgery as long as my BMI is in excess of 40. I am over 50 so not probs there!!

Cheyenne Hospital is in Network for me, despite being 180 miles away. Both Surgeons who do the RNY from Rocky Mountain Weight Loss Surgery Center at Cheyenne hospital are covered as in Network.

05/26/10 - 1st Contact with Surgery Center

May 26, 2010

Called Rocky Mountain Weight Loss Surgery Center, in Cheyenne, WY.  They are going to send me a packet to fill in.