05-14-03 11:44 pm Well, I have gone through all the tesing and history. The letter was sent to the insurance company 05-13-03, Jackie says it should only take a couple days if that, Aetna has been getting back pretty quickly. I feel very positive about the approval, just the waiting that gets you. I have met all the criteria Aetna requires, so Let's see what happens. I love this site and I have read some great success stories. I can't wait to see my own success posted for others to read. I will post soon as I hear something. I'm hoping to have the Gastric Bypass RNY Lap by Dr. Wongsa in Houston.



05-18-03 Up late can't sleep, I'm so excited....The days are not passing quickly enough, although I know this is just in my mind. I'm wondering how I will feel, and thinking at the same time I can not be any happier and anxious than I am right now. Pray for me, even though I know this is all in God's hands. You see Dr. Wongsa will be assisting him with my surgery. Thank You God for allowing me to have my dream. Goodnight!

05-20-03 Ok, It's Tuesday night and I'm trying to psych myself out about the wait. Shoot, I could not be more ready to get this party started. I'm online looking at the pictures and realizing that I'll be one of those success stories. I'm so thankful to God I can not stop praising him for allowing me to have this done. My entire journey is a testimony, and I just want to run and tell the world. Every obese person I see, I find myself wanting to say, "Hey have you researched the gastric bypass for morbid obesity?" I know my boundaries though, you can't approach everyone and question them about this disease. Well I pray that God will put me in the path of those that don't know, but don't mind someone telling them. Anyway enough of that mushy stuff. Ok people I am due at the hospital at 9:30 am. I have to shower with this soap called hibiclens on Wednesday night, it was a little pricy but I'm worth it. Well, they say I can't bring my laptop with me, so I'll have to update as soon as I feel up to it. Thanks to everyone who has sent me messages and prayed for me.

5-26-03 Hello all, How 's it going? I tried to post on 5-22-03 and it didn't accept, so it was all lost. I came through the surgery fine. I am now 4 days post op. Feeling pretty good. Everyday is less discomfort. I am not on any pain medication. I can't tell if I have lost any weight yet but my friend says my butt looks like it has gone down. Yeah right. I don't have a scale and I guess in some ways that's a good thing considering I would be on it constantly, and driving myself crazy with the numbers. Well it's a little late so I'll post again soon.

05-29-03 Greetings! Just a small update.... I would like to thank all those that send me warm and thoughtful messages. It's hard to respond to all of them but I do read everyone and appreciate them all. Again Thank You so much. Well I've been on the scal today and it says I weigh 243. My start weight was 252.8 Thank You Jesus! I can see the difference in my face and the top part of my stomach. I know it's only nine pounds but that's nine gone. My friend tells me that I also look a little different from the back. I'm happy as can be, and impatient as well. I feel like I want it to happen NOW. I know, I know, I have to be patient with myself and realize rome was not built in a day. My only complaint from this entire surgery and recovery period is the staples in my navel, THEY ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!! It is so uncomfortable and painful. Good news though, I am going for my one week post op in Houston on tomorrow. The staples will be gone. Well as we say sometime. Holla, I will post again soon.

06-07-03 1:44 a.m. I know I have not posted but a quick update. I'm feeling wonderful and finding that I can eat anything. I've been slowly trying different things. Nothing drastic just trying. I still get full really fast, but the best news is I've already dropped 4 dress sizes. From 22-24 down to an 18. I am so happy about that. My weight is down to 238.5, I'm losing about 1.5 pounds every other day. I love this new life. Will post again soon.

06-20-03 12:37 a.m. Hello all, In for a quick update. I am 4 weeks post op, and I must say that mentally it's hard. I am down another 11 pounds, so the weight loss helps me with the mental part. Everything I eat gives me heartburn and I end up throwing up. I have gotten pretty good at that. I have decided to put myself back on liquids. Dr. Wongsa did tell me that I may have to do that. So to make it easier I have done so. I am feeling really good for the most part. I'm shrinking and I love it. I am going on vacation next Friday to South Padre Island and I Love the fact that I can wear my swimsuit and not feel embarrased. I'm loving myself and life. Thank You to all my supporters. I Love you all. Will post again soon.

08-26-03 Oh my goodness, it has been 2- months since I updated. Well here is the update. I am doing really well. Not getting enough water or exercising, but I am feeling good. I am down to a loose size 16 and 200 pounds. People keep saying you do not look like you weigh 200 pounds. My goal is 150 and I'm fine with that. I have my 3 month follow-up on 8-29-03 with Dr. Wongsa. He will fuss I'm sure because I still can't stay away from the carbohydrates. I am losing more inches than pounds which is great. I need to start doing taebo and weight training. Overall I still say I would do the surgery again 10 times. Oh, and my hair seems to be thinning but I decided to cut the front of it Sunday night. I hope it get's better. Well ta-ta for now.

11-12-03 Well it has been almost 3-months since I updated. I am now in a loose 14 weighing 178 pounds and I feel wonderful. My hair is no longer thinning and I feel like my old self. I am able to do anything and I don't feel any restrictions at all. My skin is tightening as I lose the weight and that is the best thing of all. I still need to weight train though. I have a friend from high school that is having the surgery today at 3 p.m. I know she is going to be fine and so happy she had the surgery. I'm praying for her every minute. Well until my next log on, tootles and I'm going to try to log on more.

01-04-04 Happy New Year! I pray that 04' brings us all wonderful blessings as in the 03'. Well as for my update, I am doing great down to a size 10-12 and loving it. Weighing in at 162, I look and feel marvelous and I give all praise to God and Dr. Wongsa for that. I don't have a lot to say because my life is completely back to normal. I will add this; I have no loose skin but I desperately need to tone my thighs, arms and stomach, but aside from that small detail I look great to myself and that's really all I care about. Well until the next time, tootles....

02-03-04 Hello all....Well the update is here. I am now 8 months post op, down 102 pounds from 254 to 152. I feel fantabulous and I look good. I am saving for my tummy tuck. Hopefully by Christmas if the Lord Bless I'll be able to do it. I have been shopping crazy. I've bought a new wardrobe in 3-days. It feels really good to be able to do that. I am in a size 8-10 pants and small and medium shirts and blouses. Down from a 22-24. WOW what a huge difference. I have sent in some new pictures for my profile taken 2-01-04 and 2-02-04. Look for them. Until next time....tootles

02-12-04 Good morning all. I'm updating for one reason. I stand corrected I am almost 9 months post op and I had my first dumping episode last night and it was terrible. I ate a BLT from sonic and after 2 bites I was full. Well I came back after an hour or so and ate another 2 bites, at that time it was good and cold. After about 10 minutes I was terribly sick. Never eating another BLT ever again, probably will never eat at sonic again. Well that's it for now will update again soon.

4-18-2004 Hello all! What a lovely time I have been having. I went to a consultation appt with my mom, she is having the surgery too May 3, 2004. I had a check-up and weigh in with Dr. Wongsa and I weigh in with his scale at 148, mine at home early in the morning says 146 so I'll stick with mine. Well I'm right at 11 months post op coming this Thursday April 22nd and I'm happy to say I am wearing a size 6-8. Weighing 146-148 and I am elated. My Dr. says I will probably lose about 5 more pounds. Right now he says eat whatever I want, and if I lose more than I want to or past 140 eat rich to intentionally gain some back. However, he does not want me to lose more than 1 pound a month. I could not be happier. I encourage anyone thinking of having the surgery to pray, pray, and pray again, seek GODS approval and go for it. One thing though.....RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH your prospective Dr. nothing is more important. Dr. Wongsa is excellent and he knows his stuff. He has patients coming to him from all over. I highly recommend him. Good Luck to all. Until next time, tootles...

08-05-04 Hello all, I'm so happy to report that I have been doing good. I'm over a year post op and having no issues. I'm down to 142 and a size 8. Praise God for his blessings and Love. He has saw me through this and continues to keep his protective arms around me. I am truly happy. I know I will gain some back and I hope to top out at a size 10-12. I'll be happy with that if it happens. If not I'll continue to wear an 8. Well until next time, tootles.

08-29-04 Greetings my fellow WLS sisters and brothers. I pray all is well with everyone and we are all sharing in God's wonderful blessings. I am happy to report that I am continuing to do well. I have lost another 4 pounds and I am now in a very comfortable size 6. I like it and I love the way I look, however gaining back to a size 10 is not undesirable. In time as my surgery gets older I realize that I will gain some weight back. I am completely fine with that and I'm saving my size tens. I am going to post a new picture, and all will see that I don't look sick. I say this because many people tend to believe that they cannot lose down from a 22-24 to a 6 and look healthy, but I am proof that you can. Until next time, Love to all, and tootles. God Bless!

12-28-04 Hello all, I know it has been a while since I updated. However there has been no new update to report really. I still eat whatever I want. Still maintaining a size 6. I fell really good, and I have had no issues. life is wonderful, and i still thank God all the time for allowing me to have my dream of being small. If you are thinking of having the surgery, go for it. You'll be so happy you did.

05-22-07 Hello to all my Gastric By-pass sisters and brothers. I am very proud to say that today I am 4 years post op. I am 143 pounds and a size 6 still. I love myself and I am working on toning. I must report though that I am having problems with my Gallbladder I think. I have a Dr. appt for Friday and I'll see. If I can stand the pain I'm in and hold til then. If not it's the ER for me. I will update again soon. Smooches!!!!!!!!!!

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