I was born in 1960, and started out life with a weight problem, i weighed almost 14 pounds!!! that was before they realized the implications of diabetic pregnancies and of course it didnt help that my mother was a month overdue, i was due on halloween and didnt enter this grand ol life until thanksgiving thursday. I have type 2 diabetes and watched my mother lose her leg and die having an Xray done due to complications of this awful state i am in.

Ive tried every diet known to man i think, weight watchers, atkins, daily diet counseling, the grapefruit diet, Optifast, (at the same time as oprah) which i did do well on that but i just took care of the weight LOSS not the behaviours which is why i am now in the process of WLS.

 I am encouraged greatly by all of the beautiful and courageous people I read about on this site, you all have been in the same kind of pain I have dealt with all my life, and i felt a failure all my life because i knew what i wanted and i would get there for however so briefly but i just wasnt strong enough to stay there.

I have been waffling between the two surgeries a friend of mine had the lap band and has done so extremely well with it, and i see a lot of people on here have had the RNY and done absolutely awesome with it, I dont know why i am so afraid of the RNY?? my boyfriend says he worries about that one because what if i dont get ENOUGH nutrition or start to lose too MUCH weight??first consultation with my surgeon Dr. Krause on the 11th of April so 12 more days....I am so NERVOUS, and excited all at the same time, I guess there is a little more history to this that you dont know huh? I had a surgeon all set up the one that did my friends surgery, and the one my EX primary care physician sent me to initially, well.......long story short some of the tests i had already done because of a prior bout with Vertigo last july, (another story for another time :)) anyway, the surgeon set me up for a look down my throat with a scope, on the 19th of december, my primary care wanted me to have a ultrasound of my abdomen at the same time i prioritized (decided to focus on the tests needed for the surgery) my primary got mad and dropped me, my surgeon said okay lets do this and oh by the way i need $2000.00 up front cause i have expenses and we can do this. I was absolutely heart broken i didnt have two grand just lying around and mind you id been working on getting this done for almost a year (i had unco-operative insurance) so then i dropped my surgeon that i initially had.

Now i have started with a new set of doctors (Beaumont) and they have been absolutely wonderful this far, of course i havent met Dr. Krause yet but i do have the first appointment!! which thrills me and scares me at the same time, i just hope i can have the courage and strength you all have had and hopefully the successes too, pssst anyone want to give me feedback on the lapband vs RNY?? I drive a bus and of course my boss wants me to take minimum time off ;).

I saw this video on another page and it is perfect i believe because were all on this journey because we were unable to live the way we wanted to and i think the song says it ALL

God Bless all of you and live it to the fullest cuz it is WAY WAY too short to live it any other way

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