Well here goes.....  I would not be here on this website if I were able to be successful in controlling my weight. 
I grew up in San Leandro... was the shortest kid in all my classes. After 1st grade... the pounds started to add on. I just looked at my school pictures recently... that is where I saw... just how it really was.
Growing up it was just my mom (June) and I. She worked hard to make a life for us. I was on my own after school in the  3rd grade when we moved to an apt. I remember coming home and making toast with Mayo on it... . Mom locked up the chips in the freezer...good thing. 
Growing up in the 50's as a child food was not like it is now. We ate chicken a lot.. good ! I loved tuna... so on Friday's all the catholic kids would give me their tuna sandwiches, which they of course hated! (Notice... I had MORE sandwiches than I needed)
OK... time moves on, we moved to Walnut Creek. It was now 1967... and I was not happy. .
We lived in the "country" and I took a bus clear across town to my school.  But I was chunky... but not too bad yet, well I was, but I did not think so. Church was my haven after school... and I loved it. but we were lazy not doing anything but singing..  and it did not involve sports.
Graduated I'm '71 and went to the local community college. Weight piled on . My first apartment, with my BFF Marie. (still my BFF today)
As life goes on... so does time and pounds add up.
I was never popular, did hang out with everyone at the local bar... was one of the regulars... but never got the dates,, I was the "safe one"  no one had to worry... I was not competition.

Yada, Yada Yada... same old story... I did have one great love, who loved me for who I was. Jeffery and I were in a bike accident in Farmington, heading up to Arnold,CA. He passed away... I survived. Same year, my mother passed away.
 A year later I married Jeffs friend Glen. I have been married, and had it annulled, very long story.
I LOVE my granddaughter Makayla, who is the reason I want to be healthy. I want to be around for my self and her and my daughter Denise.
I have had ups and downs with weight loss, mostly ups in the weight area.

So I am claiming my life back, lowering my blood pressure, and cholesterol.  I am taking my life back with a new tool in my tool box... weight loss

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