Tomorrow is the real beginning.....

Jul 10, 2010

Well tomorrow is the beginning of my journey for real. I have my first meeting with the doctors and other staff that will be my "team" . I have chosen to change doctor's, I heard that Dr. Hahn you can wait for 6 months ore more for a  date with him.
Here is my dilemma, besides being overweight.. I lost my job and I am on unemployment. Never had this in my whole life,, and here I am at 57, no job. Do I tell them? I have cobra coverage, I will pay that ahead so there is no question about coverage..... but I am so afraid that if I say anything, it will put me in a different pool;.
I have worked hard the past 2+ weeks and have lost...5 1/2 pounds. I know I am freaked out,. about something that I have put in my own mind! 
No soda at all for almost 3 weeks. I think that is good, but I am so fricken tired from no caffeine. The B12 has not kicked in as yet. I get down the Met RX shake, it is not too bad... I did put 1/4th of a banana, which made it really good.
My daughter wants nothing to do with my decision. She was pretty P.O.'d that I asked her to join me at the orientation...and said.."Don't ever ask me that.. I am too busy".
So I do have a great support , Kathi, Ray and Gina who all have had this surgery. I am stoked.
I have had two shoulder surgeries. so the surgery does not bother me so much, I know what surgery can be like, however not WLS, whole different ball game.
My cupboards are stocked with broth, cream of chicken soup, and tune for the future.
NOW I just have to bet 14 more off then I am ready for surgery... so here I go!


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