August 1

Jul 30, 2010

Drive from Concord to Fremont was pretty uneventful. Actually traffic was pretty good , no snags! Pulled into the parking lot with water, my binder. I packed a lunch bag.. yogurt, watermelon and chicken breast I cooked last night. I was not about to step on that scale today with anything in me. Every ounce counts at this point.
So.... weighed in at 184.5!  Then back to check vitals... yes I am alive and breathing. I swear if they could ever make a cuff that would not kill me... I would love it. Nurse explained that for some reason, it registered low pulse... funny, I could feel it in my neck every time the cuff tightened. She finally switched arms... who would guess... my right arm is the one to use from now on!

I meet Dr Hahn... tall slender man.. does not look at all like his picture in the lobby. He actually looks like a friend I use to date years! He asked me questions, talked, more questions, explained more things... checked me for hernia's on my stomach area... said I am fine. He does want a sigmoidoscopy, the fit test is not good for his choosing, I agree. He wrote the order. I have to be 179 for surgery... I am 184. I have 5 pounds to loose. Told me to call my weight in on the call in number as often as I  oh if he only knew... but I bet by next weekend I will hit the 179. Then I am to go into Kaiser and get it recorded.There was not getting him to let me schedule now...nope... was not going to do it... was nice about it... but firm.
So back to the waiting room........... now to see the nutritionist. She by the way, is a size 2 and skinny, but actually very nice. She had the fake food on plates... talked about nutrition, water intake... I offered her my readouts from this website... I have been logging every morsel in for a month now. She really felt that "I get it" Now back to the waiting room.
Waiting room by the way was full of people who were in my orientation class 3 weeks ago. We all were chatting how we have done since orientation what protein powder  is this not the funniest. Everyone asks that here , when I meet WLS people... !
So now... the coordinator Nancy ( I knew her name from my friend Ray who had surgery) was to be the one now giving us instructions... alas... it is Virgina...filling in.  She booked my Psych evaluation for next Tuesday at 8:30am. Oh yea.. Dr Hahn wants me to get a sigmoidoscopy. Oh I have the "Test" to do.. and mail it back in, but since I will be in Fremont on Tuesday I will turn it in then.
So stopped my the salon where Ray works (my support team) . I swear he has lost more weight since I saw him a week ago. I will check with radiology tomorrow about the pending test. As soon as I get it, the better.
It is for real ............. and going to happen. I will have the new tool in my tool box soon!!


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