Long journey

Mar 18, 2010

So surgery went well Monday.  I just got home from the hospital tonight (Thursday at 10 pm).  We had some trouble with my O2 stats ( I wasn't saturating when breathing) and my heart rate was flying!  I also couldnt pee on my own until tonight and couldnt leave until I could pee.
It was both nice and frustrating to be in the hospital a couple extra days.  It was nice because they were watching over me and I could sleep as much as I wanted, which I really needed (and still need) to do.  It was frustrating because it all came down to one single bodily function that I no longer had any control of!  It drove me nuts that I couldn't pee.  They put 3 different catheters in because I needed "emptying" but when I sat down on the toilet, my body just wouldn't push it out.  Argh.
The docs finally took out the catheter, stopped pumping me full of fluids, stopped my benedryl (which could have been the cause of me not peeing) and I took a nap, woke up having to pee, peed and home we went!
Other than not letting me pee, my body has been angry!  I started my period a day or two (it's all blurred together) after my surgery and with my range of motion, or lack thereof, I couldn't reach to put in a tampon so I spent a few days feeling like I was in diapers (pads and hospital panties).
I also have a huge, yet unrelated, red puffy nasty stye on my right eye...when it rains, it pours!!
BUT, I slept in my own bed and have family staying with me a few days so it's all good now.  There were some times in the hospital that my mind and body both seemed to b yelling "What the hell have you done?!"  I'm sure the end result will be totally rewarding!
I came out of the hospital all puffed up on fluids weighing 280 lbs.  I go back Wednesday to have my drain (OUCH) removed so I'm excited to get on their scale a few days out!!!  Hopefully I'm at least to my pre-puffy weight. :)
I have noticed more and more that I cannot keep my eyes open.  I need naps so bad now.  I just doze off typing or visiting. I don't know how many times I fell asleep talking to a visitor in my room.  I felt bad but they understood!!
Time to doze again. 


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