Wow...Life has been Crazy

Dec 20, 2008

I haven't post in a good while. Well to sum it all up, I have been aiding my father for the past months because he had esophageal cancer stage 3. Yes I did say "HAD". It was truly a miracle when the doctor came in his room and said he has no cancer. ....But it drove me crazy though, just the mere thought of....I cannot even say it.

Any who....I had my psyc eval 10/22....Went well. I was 215.... Whoop Whoop....Yeah right. I think since the doctor informed us my father doesn't have cancer anymore the weight started to creep back and forth. I am still fluctuating from 218-215. I it is so hard. These last tiny 5-8 lbs. Gosh!!!!...What do I do? Well. All I need is to get to goal, and have my adult test reviewed and I should be on the list for surgery. 

I heard my surgeon is backed up though...Like 100 files on his desk. (Dr. Hahn, Fremont Kaiser) Who knows. I just need some encouragement so I wont slide backwards....

Well here's my update. Hopefully I can update more often......


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