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Nov 26, 2010

Hair Loss Due to Weight Loss Surgery

By Tiesha Whatley, eHow Contributor I want to do this! What's This?

After weight-loss surgery, hair loss can result from the stress and trauma of the surgery as well as from the shock to the body from rapid weight loss. A third of patients who had gastric-bypass surgery have reported experiencing hair loss. A patient may experience hair loss three to nine months after the surgery and some have reported losing half of their hair during this time. There are several things that patients can do to try to prevent hair loss and to get it to grow back.

    Preventing Hair Loss

  1. To help prevent hair loss after weight-loss surgery, eat plenty of protein, which is recommended by doctors as a person loses weight rapidly. Go for lean protein, like white-meat chicken and green, leafy vegetables. Add raw vegetables and fruits to the diet to supply the body with efficient vitamins to lose weight and grow hair.

    You can also try vitamin supplements. Biotin is one supplement that helps to restore hair and renew hair-cell generation. This will increase the hair's growth rate, where the hair loss won't be so drastic. Zinc has also been successful.
  2. Regrowing Hair

  3. To quickly regrow the hair, incorporate a healthy diet, exercise, vitamins and proper hair care into your lifestyle. Worrying about the lost hair will only cause more stress that will eventually lead to more hair loss.

    Add regular exercise to your daily regimen. Try to get in at least a 30-minute walk every day, which will jump-start your metabolism and stimulate your thyroid. That in turn releases hormones into your body that stimulates hair growth.

    Incorporate Mediterranean-style eating into your diet. Olive oil and grapes provide essential vitamins for hair growth. You can also massage your scalp with olive and grapeseed oils to increase circulation and generate hair growth.

    Vitamins that help the hair grow are A, B-Complex, Iron, Folic Acid, C, E, D and Biotin. These vitamins stimulate hair growth, increase the oxygen and moisture supplied to the hair roots and eliminate toxins from the body to provide a safe environment for healthy hair to grow.

    For hair care, shampoo and condition the hair regularly. Do deep conditioning, protein and moisturizing treatments on the hair every two weeks. Do not use heated styling tools more than once a week. Tie the hair down with a silk or satin scarf before going to bed. Keep the hair moisturized by applying a serum or moisturizer to the hair, not the scalp. Applying excessive products to the scalp may hinder hair growth by clogging the pores.

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