I was born on a cool autumns day in early October in a small fishing community called Digby,Nova Scotia.I am here to begin my journey I have put my life on hold to long.Life is short I want to give myself permission to live.Life is to precious to let slip away...

October 11/07:First Consult date.It has taken forever to get to this point.It has cost me a small fortune for travel (airplane tickets hotel travel and a few days off from work).

December 11/07:Finally went to my first info session.The day went well.I cant wait for surgery another step closer.I just hope it is not as long as the last wait.I need all the help I can get:)I wish they would combine the sessions so it wouldn't cost so much:(. I still have to sign the contract and have the tests done (three weeks prior to surgery).Then another check up prior to see if I lost weight then surgery and pray that the day of surgery that it doesnt get cancelled.

February 29/08: Sign Contract

April 18/08:My surgery is scheduled for April 18/08. My surgery was done as an open procedure.Its taking a bit more to heal buat am doing ok.

Prior to surgery I had lost up to the day of surgery 34 ibs.

May 15/08: I lost an additional 18 lbs since surgery thats 52lbs in total.

June1/08: My ribs are still sore from the open procedure I will be glad when that pain is gone.I have officially lost 24lbs since surgery.I had a stall for over a week and a half.I must admit that was very scarey.I am so afraid that the weight will just start coming back on.I know that I am not eating enough to gain weight maybe 700-800 calories on good days. I just hope the weight continues to drop.Wish me luck!!!! All the best to everyone else on their journey.

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