10/6/05 As many of you out there I have been big all my life. But now it seems I getting to big for my body to handle. I have high blood pressure and I starting to retain water in my legs. I been thinking about the surgery for a long time but have never as much as right now. I had giving myself 6 months while I take the class required by my insurance to try and lose weight. I have been dieting (on and off again) and going to the gym for the past 6 months I lost very little weight. So not I have come to the crossroad on what am I going to do now???  

  10/15/05 After about a week of reading and chatting with other OH members I finally call Dr. Owens to make an appointment. I was told to submit an online app. and send a copy of my insurance card. Now I waiting to hear from the doctors office. I still a little taken by this big change I'm starting. Thanks to the OH members I feel like I taking a step in the right direction. 

      10/18/05 I got a call today from Coastal obesity about my online app. They said my insurance would not cover the operation. When I asked about changing insurance because open enrollment is in Nov. she said it may not the insurance my but my job not covering the operation. Wow!!! That really floored me!!! Now I have to wait for open enrollment to find out if my job or the insurance will cover the operation!!!     

 11/11/05 At my doctors appointment I was told I do have sleep amnia and I would have to do another sleep test to get fitted for my equipment. My blood pressure was good 134/86 for the first time in a long time and I lost 6 pounds!!! So now I have to choose between Blue Shield and Pacific Care for my insurance. I still waiting for the open enrollment to change over. It's only been a month but it feels I been on this journey for months!!!  

   01/09/06 Happy New Year!!!I know its been a while since I posted anything!!! Dec 12 I took another sleep test to get fitted for my equipment after the test I did feel refreshed. Now I waiting on my equipment to arrive. I have new insurance Blue Shield. It just kick in at the beginning for the year so now I starting the process all over again. I've had been working out at the gym about 2-5 times a week. I feel 100% better than I did a year ago but, the weight is not coming off. I can see I big difference in my body-shape. I'm trying to keep doing motived but it hard keep up. The one only things that keeping me going is that I know that it I could be turned down again. Then what would I do? Gain more weight? I'm taking this as a challenge to change my life.  

  2/20/06 I finally got my Cpap machine after going around and around with my medical group. I been feeling good using the Cpap. I also found out that got denied be my medical group because my PCP didn't put down my BMI also the weight loss class I attend last year said I only attended for 2 months!!! So again I have to go in and get things straighten out again!!!

3/19/06 I walked my first 5K!!! I had a great time!! Thank you Helen for inviting me!! I would not and could not have done it without you!!! Also the chance to meet your uncle who is a running machine and your lil sister who is a sweet heart.  Your goodness is truly amazing!!! Now I'm ready for another 5K maybe something longer!!!    

3/21/06 I got the call today!! I'm approved!!! WOW!!! Everything is changing for me I'm just trying to get a grip on this ride. Thank You OH members!! You guy kept my spirits up when I was down!!! I don't know if I could have do it without help for  great the friends I have made.

3/23/06 All systems are go!! I called Dee Dee from Lite Dimensions. She has received my authorization form from my PCP and my appointment to meet with them is April 14!!!

4/15/06I didn't get a date yet. I still have a few more hoops to jump through! I need to fax a copy of my 6-month Dr. supervised diet. I need to get a Psych Evaluation. Which I can go through my insurance and wait for who knows how long or pay $250 and go to one of 3 they have chosen. I have to pay $200 to Lite Dimensions, attend their nutrition class, attend a support group, choose a surgeon and attend one of the surgeons group meeting. I have to complete this is before they will submit my paper work for the surgery to my insurance. I was feeling a little down after my consult. With all the paper work, test, questions, and details about the surgery my head was spinning. Now I'm just planning my next move to get closer to my goal.         

5/10/06 Well I'm done all the requirement for Lite Dimensions to send my info off to my insurance but my 6 month weight loss program was with my medical group!!! My insurance may want me to do a 6 month program from Weight Watcher or some other group that does monthly weight checks!!!! So I have to wait and see if I get approved or not!!!   

 6/2/06 I'm approved!!! It's been such a long journey to get to approved. I still don't believe it. My surgery date is Aug. 21 it feel so long away but now I can enjoy the rest of my summer. I still plan on continue to going to the gym andwalking to get my body to recover faster after surgery also I plan on enjoying my last couple months of eating and drinking!!! :-)     

7/19/06 I'm still over a month away from surgery. I'm waiting for this life changing thing to happen. I'm still in the gym 1-3 times a week. The past weeks have been very hard on me. I closed myself off from friends and just been in the house doing nothing. WLS is on my mind so much I was having problems finding any enjoyment out of life. I'm trying to snap myself out of it by getting out and doing somethings. I feel like I'm in limbo waiting for surgery and hate feeling like that.      

8/20/06 Wow!!! What a month this has been!!! A complete turn around from last month!! I started my last supper tour hitting all the places I wanted to eat and some of OH members favorite places. Claim Jumpers, Roadhouse, Babba Gumps, Club Bounce, Northwoods Inn, Mai Tai Bar, Agora Churrascaria, Lucille's, The HOP and PF Changs is where it ended at 12am this morning!!! What a great time!!! As I sit here sipping on my chicken broth I want to once again thank all my friend here!! You guys are the best!!! I so ready for surgery!! I am without any doubts this is the right direction in my life.  

 8/28/06 I'm a week out from WLS and what a week it has been!!! The night before surgery I was very calm. I just was ready to get this process over and start a new journey. I could not sleep the night before. I was afraid I would over sleep so I stayed awake up till 2 hour before I need to get up.  I made it to the hospital at 5:30 am. Checked in said my good byes got ready for surgery. I really didn't feel nervous until I was laying on my bed and they stated the IV and shaved my belly. A few minutes later Dr. Ali and Dr. Laport were looking over my charts. The next thing I remember I was waking up in ICU. I was taken to ICU because of my sleep apnea. The nurse said my surgery went great and my family member were waiting to see me. I was in a little pain from the holes in my belly and the pressure on my chest but nothing felt different about my new pouch. It was almost like they did do anything but put these holes in me. The first day was by far the toughest! I was feeling major pain from the gas in my chest. The only way to get it out was to try and burp it out. So I did what everyone told me to do before surgery. Start walking!! I few hours after surgery I was up walking around trying to get this gas out of me. Everyone was surprised how well I got around. But the gas never seem to move. Not being able to drink make it worse. So I would sit up in my bed with my head over my table and my angel Monica would rub my back and chest to try and make the gas pressure move. Let me stop and thank Monica for being a great angel!!! Later that night I started throwing up blood!! I started to get worried that something was wrong with me!! I happen again later!!! The nurse said she notified my Dr. but he didn't sound too worried. The next day the gas was gone!!! I felt good!!! Dr. Laport stop in said my surgery went great no problems and the vomiting might be a reaction from the ansea. I had loss some blood I would get a blood transfusion. They would keep an eye on my blood levels I might go home on Wednesday. They kept me in ICU until Wednesday evening then move me to a regular room until Thursday morning then I was released! Everyday I felt stronger!!! Sunday I went to visit some friends bowling they were surprised how well I looked! One telling me I looked great!!! This morning I notice no knee and ankle pain!!! WOW!!! Amazing!!!     

9/30/06 Ok it's that time again to update my profile! The past 6 weeks have been full of highs and lows!!! The first 2 weeks were hell being on liquids!!! But the 3rd and 4th weeks everything got a little better when I was able to eat soft foods. The 5th and 6th weeks I was suppose to be adding eggs and puree foods to my menu. But I never a big eggs eater and baby food just sounds nasty!!!  So I ate solid foods more the 5th week everything went down good. But the 6th week I had a couple bad days of barfing made me go back to soft foods and liquids! Now that I'm 6 weeks in I can eat more regular food. But I now I very worried about what's going to stay down. I guess I'll have to wait and see? I'm back at the gym about 3-4 days a week. I'm feeling good!!! Today I did a 5k Long Bach Obesity walk which ended up being a way over a 5k!!! Last but not least I'm down 41 pounds!!! I'm losing a couple pounds every few days!!! I took some pictures of my face that where I see the difference. (I hope to post them soon!!) My cloths a fitting a bit bigger but no need to do any major shopping yet. I'm down 1 size!! Also I'm no longer SUPER OBESE!!! I just EXTREMELY OBESE!!!LOL!!   

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