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Here for you, I was tryingto have a revision but apparently the issue is with me and not my original surgery. My problem is food, I do quite well when I drink shakes and water but if I add food... thanks for making me a friend as a lot of people do not understand not reaching goal and then weight regain, they say it is a simple matter of getting back on the program. Well for me when food is involved I just can not stay on program.

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Has anyone had a revision from th rny to something. I never hit goal and have gain a lot of weight back and looking for help.

kessie has a new goal: Have a healthy BMI. 1 year ago
going to see doc on nov 14th and keeping a food journal til then

kessie has a new goal: keep daily food log for the doc 1 year ago
little notebook with pen attached to take with me everywhere

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