Six Months Post Op Update

Dec 22, 2015

In many ways it's been a long 6 months post-surgery. But, in others it has flown by. There have been times that I have thought I'd never get past a plateau. Times I hated the scale because the fraking numbers wouldn't go down...or worse, would go up. But, for now, the surgery seems to have helped me do something I could not do without having this extra tool in my weight-loss toolkit. 

A short recap - I started this journey in January 2015 after years of trying so many different things that I had just given up on the idea of being healthy. But, after a weigh-in at 322 lbs., I just couldn't put it off anymore. Come June it was time for the big day. 

Yes...that's me just out of recovery. 

Now, after 6 months I think there is a bit of a change. 

My weigh-in this morning was 210. Quite a change. I have lost 112 lbs. 

My BMI has gone from 48.9 to 31.9 for a 17% loss. 

My waist has shrunk 12 inches - from a tight 50 inches to a comfortable 38 inches. 

Some things I have noticed, besides just the numbers: 

  • I can fit in a booth in a restaurant. And have a few inches between me and the table. 
  • I can fit in movie theater seats without wedging myself into the armrests. 
  • I can buy clothes just about anywhere now. And no longer pay extra for the Big & Tall (which I have never been). 
  • I can stand for a pretty good length of time without my feet hurting. 
  • Climbing stairs isn't a chore anymore. 
  • I don't get out of breath when I walk for too long. 
  • I can bend over and pick up things off the floor without having to have support. 
  • I can hug my wife and we can both touch our hands behind each others' backs. (She had surgery as well)
  • Our grocery bill has plummetted. We have gone from $150-$200/week to averaging $50/week. 
  • I look at the portions served in restaurants and wonder how anyone can eat so much. 
  • I find myself looking at my reflection in windows as I walk by a store and sometimes don't recognize myself. 

So, it's been quite a road. But, it is not over, yet. I still have 30 lbs. to lose to hit my weight-loss goal. I'll get there. 

Be well,


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