So Ready For The End Of 2017

Nov 30, 2017

It isn't even funny...  I can't even begin to remember what the beginning of the year was like, except my whirlwind 24 hour flight to Houston and back to pick up my handsome wee lad, Duncan:

Then, in July, I returned to working for my old company here in Tucson, and was given the option to work from home, and given quite a better salary to do so.  I am so grateful for my employer.  They have been so helpful to me, and understanding of the things I have been through over the years.


In September, my grandmother went into hospice. A most incredible woman.  She had home hospice because she was too well to go to a hospice center.  For a month, she "Held Court" in her hospital bed in her condomenium dining room.  All her daughters were by her side, and her last sibling came to visit.  I have to say I was closer to her than I was to my mother.  When I was a little girl, I used to tell her I wanted her to be my mommy.  One of the last things she consciously communicated to me was to remind me, and perhaps to relive the memboriy that was as precious to her as it was to me, that I had wanted her to be my mommy.  And me, I spent that last month getting all the kisses I could.  I was grateful for that.


So, thanksgiving day, my mom and I and our service dogs went to see Justice League.  We had a great time.  Then we went home.  Mom wanted a couple hours for a nap.  So around six, I loaded up the kids (My service dog, Allie, and Duncan) and we went to my parents place.  When we got there, Allie injured her back getting out of the car.  Now, she is barely walking.  Her back is very wobbly and she is walking on her back tip toes, or on the tops of her feet.  She can't feel if she is walking correctly on her feet.  I have taken her to a neurologist, and we are waiting to see if there is a little improvement, as she has had some in the 5 days following the injury.  I believe we will be having a CT next week to see if she has a herniated disc, and if so, to what extreme.  If not, what is causing this.  Is surgery in the cards? 
I just want life to be tolerable again  I want to enter 2018 with an abundance of gratitude.

I know it may seem foolish to some of you, but please keep my little girl, Alicia Rae, in your thoughts and prayers.  Send healing wishes and light that she may be able to return to her previous normal life.  She is not yet five years old, and she is my keeper, my medical service dog, and my child.


My fondest wishes, and greatest thanks,



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