Julie Ellner

"I loved Dr. Ellner! She presented herself as kind and yet very knowledgeable! Her staff is Wonderful! They are ready and willing to answere any question I have no matter large or small. rnDr. Ellner is very very dedicated to her patients putting great emphasize on aftercare. There is monthly check ups and in the future she will regularly check on me and see how I am doing! rnHer program is very structured in the way that she lets you know what to expect from her upfront no suprises so you are very aware of risks, what to expect in terms of progress, how we will feel. She covers everything! I rate her a 10 she is great in both surgical competence and bedsid manner. When I was in the hospital her family member died she wanted to make sure her patients were ok before she left for the funeral. If any of us was not progressing appropriatly than she would not have left. That is dedication and passion for what you do and who you treat! :-)"
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