Time flies!

Nov 21, 2010

It's been awhile since I have posted anything here.

I am now down almost 150 pounds since my surgery. It's been a long and bumpy road.  A lot of my slow weight loss has been due to personal issues.  It's hard to lose weight when someone is telling you that you don't look good and keeps trying to fatten you up.

Well I have finally gotten out that dysfunctional relationship.  I think now my life will start to move forward in the right direction both for myself and my son.

I need to start to exercise more regularly.  I haven't been able to.  I just haven't gotten as much extra time on my hands as I would like.  I do try to park farther away and walk more often. I take the stairs all the time instead of the elevator.  

My son is now 5 pushing 6 and has joined hockey. He is loving it. I love that finally he is in a sport and is being active.

I do find now that I have hit the sweet spot so to speak that I don't have as many options for food that I can eat. So it has been kind of boring do eat. Takes me longer to get done my food and harder for me to fit in all my water in take. I am trying though so that's a good thing.

I haven't decided where I want my weight loss journey to end, if it's another 60 pounds or 40.  I am now in a regular size 14 and some items a 12. I still see myself in the mirror a size 24. I am not sure when my brain will ever catch up with the weight that I have lost.

I think of this site often and I tell everyone to come check it out. I haven't forgotten the friends that I have made here. I am so happy that the site still exists.

Once I am finally done and at my goal weight for a least a year I am going to try to pursue plastic surgery. I have so much skin hanging out and I just feel so trapped. I think once I finally get rid of this I will be the whole person I want to be.


Mar 05, 2009

I just got another fill today. I am now up to 2.9 I think.  I know before he filled me i was 2.6 and he said he was going to be putting in .3 more in.  So I am just assuming that is where I am.  I am sooo slow at losing.  But, I am stil losing weight.


Jul 30, 2007

Hey All!

I am back from my cruise.  Boy was it a busy time.  Swam and walked a lot.  And the food was wonderful.   I go for my first fill this week too.  I didn't get a chance to step on the scale since I have come home.  I don't know if I have gained any weight or maintianed while was I was cruising.   Needless to say my two year old didn't keep me still during the trip.  I didn't get much time to relax.  I hope to scan some pictures soon that I took on the boat as well as get some developed and scanned as well to share with you all. 

I just wanted to stop by and say hi and hope all is well with everyone!


Jul 12, 2007

I know I haven't been on here for while really. I have been getting ready for the cruise I am going on and getting ready for the big Brooks Layoff that has been going on. I work in corporate. So corporate is going be all gone soon. Anyway, I got the stomach virus late Sunday night. Oh boy was that the worse night. I didn't sleep much. And then BAM!!! Around three AM I vomited. It was the worst thing I have ever felt after being banded. I didn't really have anything in my system other than flat ginger ale and water. When I was vomiting my stomach actually felt like it was milking it's self. I had a bunch of dry heaves and then the fluid came above the band and out. Then again later on that morning the same thing. It was the worst feeling ever. I never EVER want to be sick and vomit again in my life. Knock me out next time so I don't know what is going on please. Gosh. Then the next few days I was feeling queasy and I rested. I finally ate something late Tuesday afternoon. I was too scared to eat or drink anything that wasn't water.

Well anyway, I am doing good. I am still slowly losing weight. I am a bad girl when it comes to exercising. I haven't been doing much. I have been more active in life, just not exercising like I need to start. I need to get my life in to focus and things together. So many life changes are going on at once and it's very overwhelming I must say. It will balance out soon I hope.



Jun 19, 2007

Monday I had my follow up appointment with Dr. Pohl. I had my son with me. It was a long hour and ten minutes waiting in the waiting room. And then when we got into a room my son wasn't happy. He wanted to just go. Oh and on the way to my appointment my son vomitted in my car so that was no fun. Well back to my appointment. I don't think I got a lot of what I wanted to get done or ask. I forgot to ask about my port again. It wasn't poking or anything, but last night it was back. So I am just going to continue thinking it's fluid like what Jeremy thinks it is. I go for my first fill August 2nd at 10:15. I could have had it July 16th but I am going on a cruise on the 20th and I don't want to risk being too tight while on the cruise. I want to have as much fun as possible. Plus now my son's doctor thinks he has motion sickness so I have to now stock up on dramamine. For the past two months my son has gotten sick at least 5 times in my car. And I have had enough of it. My car is beat up as it is and I don't need it to continue to stink of vomit. I am going to start walking some more soon. I am going to try to work things out with my mom so I can get to the gym and get things done there. I am not paying 10 dollars a month for nothing. I need to get back. Also Dr. Pohl wants me to go back and see Peggy so I will know how to eat right. I saw her for six months, what is she going to tell me what I have to do? But I will make appointment and go. Oh and it's taking more food now to get me full. So my swelling is going down. I just hope this works. I do have to admit I wish this was like the RNY so I would have lost like 30 pounds already. LOL Oh well it will happen.


Jun 18, 2007

I spoke with Jeremy from my surgeon's office on Friday and he thinks it's just some fluid that was rising to the top.  I now don't feel anything at the site like I did before.  I only felt it and saw it that one night.   I just wanted to see if anyone else had this happen to them or anything while I was waiting to call them.  I know enough to always call the office.  Thank you.  I just like to know there are others that have gone through something like whatever I might be going through.

Thank you again for all your concern and help.

I do have to say I haven't lost a lot of weight for me to have my port showing yet.  I do have a lot of belly fat, never mind the fat all over. 

I did do a lot of walking this weekend that I shouldn't have.  I was paying for it this morning.  I have bad ankles and I always had.  I am hoping with the weight coming off that my ankles won't hurt as much when I walk.

Oh and I am down another pound or so.  And let me tell you, I think my swelling is gone down big time because I am starting to be still hungery after a half a cup of anything I have.  I can't wait to have some blended meat.

Oh and the magic bullet I bought is broken after just one use and I didn't over use it the one time.  Plus I can't find the receipt to return it.  I am so made.  I have a 60 buck useless package of stuff.  Just a total bummer. 

How are my fellow bandsters doing?  Everyone that is newly banded like me feeling good?

06/14/2007 - Already Broken

Jun 14, 2007

I am going to be calling the surgeon's office tomorrow morning.  When I lay down my port rises to the top.  I have no clue what I did to make it come undone.  I have never really felt sore at my port site either.  I just figured I was lucky.  Well hrmm... not so much anymore when I can feel my port side ways and I see it when I lay down.  A nice little bump next to my port site. Yeah me... lol...

Has this happened to anyone else?  I am kind of bummed since today was my first day back from work and I just made it to my second week post op.

I am waiting until tomorrow to call. My mom things I should call tonight.  Plus I got to see him on Monday.


Jun 14, 2007

New ticker. 



May 31, 2007

I am home and I am banded.  I am feeling pretty good right now.  I did end up staying the night.  I am just relaxing.  I guess the booklet I got over a year ago I was going to need it today.  I tried to have them fax it over to me and for some reason it won't fax.  So I am winging it for a couple of days with no rules.  I just wanted to give you all a quick update one me. 



May 18, 2007

Ok it's todays later and I still feel like crap.  I think my body is just in shock with me having a cold and having under 800 calories each day.  I am sticking with it.  I just feel so bad.  I stayed home from work yesterday.  I took my son to get his legs looked at and that was it.  That was all I could take.  I brought him back to the babysitters and I went home and rested. 

Just 11 more days of this diet and then OOOo I am right back on it, but at least I will be banded. LOL

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