Upcoming Band Fill

May 09, 2011

It's been a while since I posted but I am soon to go in for my first band fill this thursday (May 12th).  I am excited about having it done but a little nervous at the actual process ~ I am just not a needle person but I knew I would go through this going in. Truthfully I am just ready to have this adjustment so that I am not "hungry" anymore, I am not eating near what I ate before surgery but since the swelling and initial "shock" has settled in I am finding myself hungry again and it's a little unnerving. As much as I watch I do not want to make the wrong choices and hinder my success~ I am still approx 55 lbs down at this point and truly have a very strong  goal for myself that will show me I am doing great!  Hope  this post finds everyone well and if I can be of help to anyone else please just ask; just like I would appreciate others input to support/help me on my journey.

2 weeks post op

Apr 14, 2011

Well it's been almost 2 weeks and though I questioned my choice immediately after waking up that day I am soo happy I have embarked upon this wonderful journey.   I have to say I was amazed at how the liver shrinking diet went and I lost 27 lbs prior to surgery (would you believe they said that's okay!? ~ I thought they would have been thrilled ...I know I was). My surgeon said he had someone lose 50lbs during that stage ~ WOW !! Anyhow I am having a little pain in my stomach where the port is at but am told that is to be expected, and I officially down 40lbs now and am getting ready to start the soft mushy phase. I am hardly ever hungry but am also excited about eating something I can chew again~  just an fyi ...I personally found the premium protein shakes available at sam's club in my town a great choice for a protein supplement (has 30 grams of protein per drink with the same 160 calories as most others with only half the protein). Thanks to all who have supported and encouraged me and may I pass that blessing(s) on to those that I may support and help.  


Can I get a little help please ?!

Mar 04, 2011

Well this is my first post and I am desperately reaching out to anyone who can offer support and advice on my upcoming surgery. I am scheduled to have the Realize band procedure on march 30th and am starting to develop some panic involved with pre-op procedures and how it will apply in my home setting. I think my main concern is that I will be doing a liver-shrinking diet starting on march 15th and as prepared as I thought I was I realize now I am a lost as to what I need to do. Would appreciate input from anyone familiar with this diet and what I should have on hand ~ especially interested to chat with anyone who has used Dr. David Gellar in Louisville, Ky so that I can get a better perspective on what to expect. ( I  know my fears  are just a feeling but it never hurts to ask for a little help )   Thanks in advance ...kim  

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