Fat people are supossed to be jolly...

Apr 23, 2008

I was told one time that fat people are supposed to be jolly…. It was said to me as a joke but I took it pretty seriously… And now I pretend to be happy all the time… No one not even my husband knows how much this weight thing is eating me up in side… Ha Ha get it eating me up…. That’s how I get by… I crack a joke before someone else can… I’ve come to realize that if I say what everyone else is thinking before they do then they don’t have to say and I don’t have to hear it… If I’m sooooo UN happy on the inside then why not just lose the weight… Well if it were that easy we would all be skinny… I’ve tried the all water thing and the walking every night… I’ve tried the phen phen… and the cookie diet… I’ve taken the special K challenge… I’ve joined a gym paid for the physical trainer only to have him tell me to walk on the treadmill everyday and come back in a month or so when I’ve lost some weight before he can start me on the real work out… Gee wiz you think he could have told me that before he took my 300 bucks… I’ve gone to about 15 different bariatric seminars but my insurance keeps denying my requests… I’m too healthy… My blood sugar level is 94 – 115 perfect…. My cholesterol is 194 also perfect… and my blood pressure is 122 over 85… I know, I know I should happy that I am healthy and I am but then I go and try to something simple like walk from daughter’s dentist office to the car and my knees give out and I fall and break my wrist… Silly me how dare I put my hands in front of me to try to cushion my fall… My favorite is when I take my family to an amusement park and my daughter can’t ride the roller coasters because she doesn’t want to go alone and mommy can fit even in the extended buckles in the middle of the ride…. NOPE can’t fit in them either… So what is a fat girl to do.... I guess I'll just stay fat and Jolly til I can find a way to make my insurance cover the surgery :o)

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Apr 23, 2008
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Fat people are supossed to be jolly...