remember the  old saying:you are what you eat? well lets just say i  am a pretty good-looking:chocolate chip cookie!!! no on a more
serious note, being the youngest of five, i grew up in a large framed body, no-not heavy, but stout. i have a large framed body. i use to wonder what it would be like to wear a size 5-8 shoe. but im stuck with a 10. i considered myself to be-cute-MANY MANY years ago. my beauty is within. over the years besides having 4 girls, and going up and down on the scales, i finally stopped growing at the good old age of 40!! i know my metabolism is SLOW,  and thats ok too. i am on this journey to a HEALTHIER me.  i have tried
all the *good-stuff* out there. and a few hundred dollars later, well im still the same. have you  tried eating food that tastes like rubber? no- i have so much to look forward to, and i have a support system  that is a completed circle. i couldnt ask for anything more. my husban martin, ( today is our 2 yr. anniversary ) is my best support. he gives me strength to on, even if i fell like i cant. he loves me, and i love him. my one wish I WILL make come true for him as   well, is i  told him when i lose the weight, i want to run and JUMP in his arms!!!! i cant wait. my girls are so excited for me, and how could i ask for more? Penrose-St. Francis Health Services are AWESOME PEOPLE!!!   CSSA Colorado Springs Surgical Associates oh my gosh these people are a god sent. many have asked me am i scared? NO and YES  i know that if i dont get this weight off, i will be in trouble, but as far as whom i have put my trust in--no.  i would say to those who  are seeking advise, or physicians, whatever for this procedure,  stick with  it. get   all the information you can. talk-talk-talk. ask questions-get answers-dont give up. there is a rainbow waiting for you. this has been a trying journey  for me and my husband. but  my surgery date is scheduled for November 26th 2007, and my surgeon   will be Dr. Ihor Fedorak. so less than two weeks away!!! i will keep you posted on everything.

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