I am Kimevonne, 51 years old and 286 lbs 5'8. I have been various weights over my life time. I am at the highest weight I have ever been right now. It is horrible. I can barely walk from my car to my office. It is frightening that I may have a heart attack in the parking lot. After many years of consideration, I am now going to have (hopefully) laparoscopic RnY. I cannot WAIT to restore my health and join the ranks of the normal clothes shoppers!

I arrived at this crossroad after numerous years of dieting and attempts to quit smoking/nicotine. Each year I would get bigger. I have lost hundreds of pounds in my lifetime using all the popular diet plans. Each time I quit smoking I would gain twenty more lbs and then start back again to stop the weight gain.
Vicious cycles. This year, 4-15-07, I stopped smoking for good. June 30th I stopped nicotine all together.
Then I began to balloon in earnest. I went from about 235 to 288. Just unbelievably fast. 

One of my darling friends just had RnY this past May. Seeing the beautiful changes in her struck me with such JOY! Yes I was jealous of her happiness a little too. But I really was so happy for her that I couldn't wait to have the procedure myself. I am lucky to have an RN for a Mother and very supportive friends. I want to live and be a better example for my 15 yr old daughter and I want the dream.....the whole dream not half. 

I have pulmonary breathing tests, echo cardio gram, and a chest xray to go adn hopefully I be post op soon. To everyone... I wish all the best wishes and happiness to you.

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