A year later....

May 24, 2010

It's been a year since I've posted.... I've maintained my weight without any problems or issues.... My extended abdominoplasty and brachioplasty are schedule for June 30th!  Life is good!!!!!

18 months later.....

Jun 17, 2009

It's been 18 months.... it seems like yesterday and it seems like forever!  I look back at the "old" me, who feels just like the "new" me, but has a lot more fun living a lot more life, and I hardly recognize her.  It has been an easy and natural road.  I think I might have dumped once, and I can eat whatever I want- of course now I make good choices in regards to what I put into my body and how much I put into my body.  I have some complications with anemia, but not entirely from surgery, and  my  bloodwork has greatly improved.  I need to exercise more, just need to find the time & energy!!!  My goal is still plastic surgery, which I seriously NEED!!!  I am hoping within the next 6 months I can make that happen.  I also need some serious botox or a face lift- wrinkles suck!!!

This time two years ago, I wore a size 4XL or 5XL or a TIGHT 32... today, I wear a size 12... a Med or a Large... Imagine that!!!!  I am hovering about 2 or 3 lbs above my goal weight, but could care less! Life is good.  I see Dr. Patching next week for a checkup, anxious to see the results of my lab work, etc.

Two of my kids graduated this month- one from HS (he's already in college, playing football), and my youngest, Chris, graduated from kindergarten... we've been busy!  My girls are doing great as well!

Hope everyone is happy and healthy and that you are reaching for your goals and dreams... they really can come true!!!!!!


Mar 15, 2009

Man, My appetite is FEROCIOUS!  I did manage to lose most of my Disney-Diet weight... thank goodness... but I am still a pound or two more than I was at this time last month... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR....  I have a new hairdo, SHORT and curly... my natural curls are back with a vengeance, and my hair looks 1000 times healthier... I love long hair, and that's my goal, but people are really digging my new short "do"!!!!


Feb 26, 2009

I am not too fat for Disneyland anymore!!!!!!!  We took the kids for 5 days last week.... we battled the snow (yes, snow in LA) and even the flu, but we had a great time.... Of course I sadly gained 6 lbs or so (the Disneyland Diet!), even though I walked for miles and miles everyday.... ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The kids had a great time, I never could have taken the older kids when they were little, but now I am a "regular" person, I can do any and everything!


Feb 01, 2009

Internet rarely works.... had surgery, all went well, life is Fabulous!!!!!!!!  I am now under 180lbs... finally broke a stall... hovering at 178.5!!!!!!!!!!!  I'll take it!!!!!!!!!!

One Year Surgiversary!

Jan 01, 2009

On Dec 17th I celebrated my one year Surgiversary!!!!!!! YaaaaaaaaaY Me!!!!!!!!  My internet access has been SHOT for months and ABSENT for weeks, so my updates have been POOR at best.  Life is good.... I am sufferring from the complications of anemia, which has been quite upsetting to me as I've NEVER missed a supplement, not once.  I believe the issues are from an arthritis medication I started taking in August, which works GREAT but has a side effect of uterine hemmorhage and anemia.... In August my blood count was PERFECT, today, it is very poor.... I even ended up in the ER (I was on duty at work) with an IV teetering on the edge of a blood transfusion (My H&H are less than 7 and less than 24 and I am quite symptomatic these days).....  I see my OB on Friday, I'm getting my uterus fried, and I hope this helps!  I have high hopes....  Other than that, Life is grand.  Christmas is behind us, which is always a relief, now we just need to take down the tree.  The kids are great... 

In 2009 I look forward to many things, one being a trip to Disneyland with the family, something I could not have done last year, and plastic surgery! WooOOhOooOoo... I NEED plastic surgery!!!!!!  I have so much disgusting belly skin I could do without!

Sooooooooo, what has my RNY done for me?   Well, I have lost 162 lbs, and MANY sizes... I once wore  size 5XL scrubs and now can squeeze into a medium, but prefer the comfy Large!  I once wore a size 32, TIGHT, and now I wear a 12 or a 14.... sweats are a medium?!?!??!?!  Whatever!!!! More imprortantly, I am just a "regular" person now.... I feel better, I look better, I can live life instead of watch it from the sidelines... I am truly blessed... I am loving life!  I'd better go take my supplements, and I am so excited to have my internet access back, and to "belong" again!!!!!!!!!!

Nice to "See" you all... new pics coming SOON!


Trying On Pants.....

Oct 11, 2008

Ok,  it's getting cold around here, and I have NO pants that fit... when I say NO, I mean NONE....  I did find a pair of my teenage sons old sweat pants/leggings that aren't extremely giant, and I have been wearing them to death.  I am wearing shorts that have ties in the waist band, so I am able to hold them up... Sad, Sad, Sad!!!!

I finally go to try on pants... of course I go to Target, because I don't want to spend much money as I plan on plastics before the next pants season rolls around....  I HATE trying on clothes, fat or less fat, it just plain sucks....    Soooooooooooo, I take some 14's, 15's and 16's into the dressing room... I even took a pair of 17's just in case (I had no idea until yesterday that there even WERE 17's).... I figured I'd fit  the 16's and the 14's would be tight... remember, a year ago I was in a TIGHT 32.....
NOPE, the 16's fell off, the 14's fell off, too (although not as easily).... I could hardly handle it, I just gave up and left... I can't believe I wear a size 12.   It's taken me a couple of months to realize that I am a large, not an X-Large,  it's much harder to take in that I am in a size 12 in pants...... Or maybe the 12's WOULD be too tight, and I'll have to wear 14's with a belt????  Who knows?  Not me..... I can't even  go there for some reason......  I bought a pair of size Large gray sweat shorts that were on sale for $4.98.... although I don't know why... and I also bought some size Large pjs which fit comfortably (actualloy they are loose??!?!?!).... Nice!

I hate shopping, but I love wearing a size 12... I was excited in June to be in a 14....  I imagined a 14 is where I would "stay"... I guess not... and without these belly rolls, I'd be thin... I AM thin everywhere but in the belly....   only 9lbs from my original goal....imagine that!   I will likely hit my goal by my one year surgiversary, and if I don't, that's ok, too.  I like where I'm at, size 12/Large is perfect, I am 5-9, but I do hate this loose skin

On another note, my son is a football star.  He is a 16 year old senior in high school.  He broke the head of his femur and tore his MCL 3 weeks ago in a football game (of course), but only missed 2 games, and ROCKED at last nights homecoming game (as he always does).... he is the defensive star of the team, and even is playing some running back and had a 21 yard run last night....... he is truly a STUD.... he got at least 15 tackles last night and probably 10 more assist..... Ohhhh, and a sack.... what a boy!  Our local paper has  had a couple of articles about him... our team isn't very successful, but it still feels great to see my son excel and have such a great time... He is 6-3, 230 and still growing.. .maybe someday he'll grow into those size 15 shoes!   The dance is tonight, I ought to take some pictures (and some updated of me, as well, but I am so terrible with taking pix!).....  

Life is great!!!!!!

Finally losing again after a MAJOR Stall....

Sep 29, 2008

YaaaaaaaaaaaY!!!!!  I have finally dropped a couple of pounds.... what a great feeling after not losing a pound for a couple of weeks!  People are calling me "too skinny" and telling me, "You look guant" and "I hope you aren't planning on losing any more weight?!??!"   WHATEVER!  I still want to lose about 11 more lbs... and I think that plastics will take away AT LEAST 10 more..... not too shabby!  I can't wait for my plastic surgery, but of course want to be as thin as I am going to get in order to get the best results.  I am all belly rolls, which I try and hide.  My arms, legs, and face are all skinny (with lots-o-turkey-skin on the arms and upper thighs).  I have NO butt left, and luckily I still have some boobage... it may be a little saggy, but I still have at least a C and usually a D cup, I'm not complaining!  These belly skin rolls, though, are GROSS!!! Thank goodness for "shapers"  I call them my "industrial strength/steel belted undies"......

All is well on the home front....

GO OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sluggish on the Updates....

Sep 05, 2008

I have been quite sluggish on the updates.... I saw Dr. Patching a couple of weeks ago, and my labs are perfect.  He is also thrilled with my progress and although I could NEVER be doing this without his intervention and support, he somehow manages to give me all the credit.

I am also thrilled that I have finally found a medication, ARTHROTEC, that I can safely take after my RNY.  I've been suffering with lots of joint and back pain since surgery, more than I had almost 160lbs ago!  But the Arthrotec is a GODsend... I feel great... it does cause some ferocious diarrhea, but I'd rather have ferocious diarrhea than debilitating pain!

I have been swimming lots with the kids.  I am not even hesitant to get into the public pool any longer, I just swim my heart out.  I swim laps during "adult swim" and play with the kids during the other time.  We are all enjoying my new found freedom.

I am having lots of fun pondering  politics with friends... as a true OBAMA-Mama, I have high hopes for November!  Many of my friends are with the pistol packing mama (Palin), even though we disagree, we have a great time talking about our future.

The weight loss is SLOW, at a crawl even.  I basically gain and lose the same 2 lbs.... I am hoping to break into the 180's soon!  I am still looking forward to major plastics.  Dr. P seems to think I can start planning for my first surgery in Dec as my weight loss is probably about where it's going to be... but I am still hoping to drop 15 or even 20 more lbs.   Regardless, life is good!

Super busy around here with 2 kids playing soccer, one playing high school football (his senior year) and 2 in gymnastics along with school and girl scouts, etc, I  need some serious CALGON TAKE ME AWAY moments.... work has been really busy as well.... I am thankful that at least this year I can keep up with everyone and everything and don't have to participate from the sidelines!

I still can eat anything/everything, and still have my healthy appetite, but I am really trying to push the protein and produce and limit the carbs, sure is hard some days!!!!

YaaaaaaaaaaaY..... 2 more lbs down

Aug 15, 2008

The scale is moving again, if even for one day!  2 more pounds down!  I'll take it.... and, by the way, I've found this GREAT protien product called "CLICK"  (thanks Melting Mama!).... it is a protein/coffee drink.... and it is GOOD... I have containers of full Chike, Nectar, etc in the cupboard, hundreds of dollars worth... I can hardly choke them down no matter HOW I doctor them up....   on the other hand, I LOVE CLICK!!!!!!!!!!!! Yummmmmmmmm-O!!!!!!!!!!  I have been trying to start my day (or start my 12 hour night shifts) with 12 oz of CLICK over ice, I don't have to add anything, no splenda, no crystal lite, no milk, NADA, just CLICK, water, and ice....   and the caffeine is just an added bonus.  Try it! 

I see my surgeon on Monday, and am looking forward to seeing how my labs are doing, last draw my B-12 was a bit low, but I've been taking 1000mcg two times per day religiously, so it should be up.  I think I've lost 22lbs since I last saw Dr. P on May 1st.... not tons of weight, but not bad for 3.5 months either!  Since surgery nearly 8 months ago,I am down 86lbs.  But since I first met Dr. P on Sept 9th, I am down 142lbs... and entire person!!!!!!!!!!!  Anyone who thinks it's a waste of time to lose weight pre op, it is soooooooooooooo NOT! 

I am only about 17lbs from my goal weight.  I REALLY need plastics and some hair to grow back, but aside from that, life is GREAT!

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