One Year Surgiversary!

Jan 01, 2009

On Dec 17th I celebrated my one year Surgiversary!!!!!!! YaaaaaaaaaY Me!!!!!!!!  My internet access has been SHOT for months and ABSENT for weeks, so my updates have been POOR at best.  Life is good.... I am sufferring from the complications of anemia, which has been quite upsetting to me as I've NEVER missed a supplement, not once.  I believe the issues are from an arthritis medication I started taking in August, which works GREAT but has a side effect of uterine hemmorhage and anemia.... In August my blood count was PERFECT, today, it is very poor.... I even ended up in the ER (I was on duty at work) with an IV teetering on the edge of a blood transfusion (My H&H are less than 7 and less than 24 and I am quite symptomatic these days).....  I see my OB on Friday, I'm getting my uterus fried, and I hope this helps!  I have high hopes....  Other than that, Life is grand.  Christmas is behind us, which is always a relief, now we just need to take down the tree.  The kids are great... 

In 2009 I look forward to many things, one being a trip to Disneyland with the family, something I could not have done last year, and plastic surgery! WooOOhOooOoo... I NEED plastic surgery!!!!!!  I have so much disgusting belly skin I could do without!

Sooooooooo, what has my RNY done for me?   Well, I have lost 162 lbs, and MANY sizes... I once wore  size 5XL scrubs and now can squeeze into a medium, but prefer the comfy Large!  I once wore a size 32, TIGHT, and now I wear a 12 or a 14.... sweats are a medium?!?!??!?!  Whatever!!!! More imprortantly, I am just a "regular" person now.... I feel better, I look better, I can live life instead of watch it from the sidelines... I am truly blessed... I am loving life!  I'd better go take my supplements, and I am so excited to have my internet access back, and to "belong" again!!!!!!!!!!

Nice to "See" you all... new pics coming SOON!


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