18 months later.....

Jun 17, 2009

It's been 18 months.... it seems like yesterday and it seems like forever!  I look back at the "old" me, who feels just like the "new" me, but has a lot more fun living a lot more life, and I hardly recognize her.  It has been an easy and natural road.  I think I might have dumped once, and I can eat whatever I want- of course now I make good choices in regards to what I put into my body and how much I put into my body.  I have some complications with anemia, but not entirely from surgery, and  my  bloodwork has greatly improved.  I need to exercise more, just need to find the time & energy!!!  My goal is still plastic surgery, which I seriously NEED!!!  I am hoping within the next 6 months I can make that happen.  I also need some serious botox or a face lift- wrinkles suck!!!

This time two years ago, I wore a size 4XL or 5XL or a TIGHT 32... today, I wear a size 12... a Med or a Large... Imagine that!!!!  I am hovering about 2 or 3 lbs above my goal weight, but could care less! Life is good.  I see Dr. Patching next week for a checkup, anxious to see the results of my lab work, etc.

Two of my kids graduated this month- one from HS (he's already in college, playing football), and my youngest, Chris, graduated from kindergarten... we've been busy!  My girls are doing great as well!

Hope everyone is happy and healthy and that you are reaching for your goals and dreams... they really can come true!!!!!!


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