Steven Patching

"I just met Dr. Patching for the first time this week. I am very impressed. Dr. Patching is obviously very educated and his statistics and program are impressive. I, though, was even more impressed by his caring and supportive nature. He is honest and straight to the point, and doesn't mince words when discussing the benefits and risks of WLS. He is also very knowlegable about the disease of obesity. He made references to patients in the past calling him \"mean\"... but I didn't see \"mean\" at all, I saw someone who is compassionate, easy to talk to, engaging, and who has a genuine interest in ME and my health. He not only put my mind at ease, but I walked out of his office feeling great about myself and the outlook for the next 40 years of my life! As a nurse in the same hospital system as Dr. Patching (I'd never even seen him before), I have heard over the years all about what a successful and competent and cutting edge surgeon he is, but what I found this week is that he is also a top notch PERSON...... rnrnI want to update my surgeon review.... I am 6 months post op now, and could not have lost 148lbs in less than a year without Dr. Patching's support and guidance... with him in my corner, I have never felt like I was alone... he has been my greatest cheerleader... even though HE saved my life with my RNY, he gives me full credit for my success... he is kind, REAL, supportive, easy to talk to, honest, and obviously cares deeply about ME... he shares his own personal stories and tips which makes him even easier to talk to ... I don't believe I'd be this healthy and successful without the competent and caring Dr. Patching leading my team! Thank you Dr. P!!!! I can not recommend Dr. Patching enough... I doubt you could ask for more in your bariatric surgeon!!!!"

Sutter General Hospital

"My main pet peeve, took 45 min+ each of the four times I rang my call light... the ramification of that was that they lost 2 IVs and I had to be repoked and repoked... and I HATE needles."
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