18 Weeks Post-Op..

Dec 23, 2007

Finally an update! Sorry it's been so long. I don't even know who's reading this, but I guess it's a good thing that I keep up with this anyways, if nothing for my record.

Things have been going great since I got past my complications.

I'm down to 180lbs. That's 125lbs down from my highest weight, and 58lbs since surgery. I know I'm losing slow compared to others, but I'm happy. I no longer have to shop in the Plus Sized department. I'm wearing a L in regular clothes, and an XL in Juniors. It's weird buying new clothes, but awesome at the same time.

 I'm being a bad girl and not following my surgeon's strict protein only protocol, but I think I'm doing what's best for me. I still eat protien first, but I also eat a few bites of veggies and some carbs. When I went to my 3 month post-op appointment, I was told I could start adding green veggies once I lost 15 more pounds, and I'm close to that goal anyways.

I'm bad about my vitamins, but I'm working on that. I get all of my water in, and I'm working hard at getting all my protein in by food only. I can't do the protein shakes. I don't really want to live the rest of my life drinking shakes. And I don't think I should have to. My mom bought me a gym-membership for a year for Christmas so as soon as it's January, I'm starting a strict excersize regimen. I think once I start excersizing regularly, the weight-loss will speed up a bit.

That's about it, I guess. I haven't had any problems eating anything. I don't dump, and haven't gotten sick from anything else I've eaten. My hair is falling out like crazy, but I guess that was bound to happen. I got a new hair-cut to try and make up for the thin-ness.

I updated with a few pictures too :] I feel great.


Oct 13, 2007

Yikes, it's been awhile since I last updated. 

I went almost a month without anything to eat. Occasionally I could tolerate some soup, but not really. The only thing I could keep down was water and even that was a struggle.

I find it very upsetting that it took a month for someone to finally help me. My surgeon's office didn't really seem to push things. They kept saying something was just stuck and to give it time. I knew it was more than that, so finally they agreed to refer me to a GI doc for an EGD to check for a stricture. Unfortunetly, I ended up in the hospital before they could get me an appointment (was going to take a week or more before they could see me). I woke up so lightheaded and weak that I thought I was dying, so I told my family we had to go to the ER.

I went to the ER on a Thursday and was there for 11 hours. The wait was ridiculous. I had to sit in a hard chair for several hours before they could even give me a bed in the ER. They finally gave me an IV of fluids, but no one would really tell me what was going on. Finally I got my "nurse" and she talked to my surgeon over the phone. He orded some nausea meds for me and a banana bag full of tons of vitamins. He wanted to admit me, but turns out there were no beds avaliable, so I was going to have to stay in the ER all weekend. Even then, they said they couldn't do much for me until Monday when the doctor's were around. I had my appointment for the GI doc that Monday anyways, so I discharged myself and went home. If I ever need to go to the ER again, I'm going to a different hospital. I don't care if my surgeon is based out of that one. They don't have their shit together.

Anyways, I held on until Monday and the doc scheduled the EGD for that Friday. 

It's been one week since my pouch was dialated and I'm feeling so much better. I had never had an EGD before so I was very very nervous. They did give me whatever that amnesic drug is to kinda knock me out, but I do remember gagging and choking a lot during the procedure. And had the WORST sore throat ever afterwards.

Anyway, so my pouch had closed up to 1/2mm and they dialated it back up to 12mm. I got to see pictures of my insides too! It was scary how small the hole was. And you know what the kicker is? There were about 3 pills just chillin' there in my pouch waiting to be passed through. I hadn't taken any pills for a week or so, so that shows just how long they've been in there. He's having me come in for another one in two weeks to inject steroids into it to keep it open if it has closed up again. Whoopie.

It's hard relearning to eat after not eating for almost a month. I don't think my insides knew what to do with themselves. It's getting better though. Tonight I had 1.5oz of chicken breast and a couple of bites of squash and it went down perfectly. I was able to drink 16.9oz of water in under an hour, when previously it felt like it took all day. And I loveeeeee my new "breakfast". I blend the CarbControl yogurt, a little bit of fat-free milk, half a banana, and some protein powder for a smoothie. It doesn't taste horrifying and it's allowing me to get my protein in. Well, some of it anyways. I don't usually drink all of it in one day. The next plan of attack is to get back to taking my vitamins.

I've lost 43lbs so far and made it to onderland at 195lbs. I have no idea what my goal should be. My surgeon never gave me a specific number. I'm 5'5, so I was thinking 140-150. I don't want to be stick thin.

I hope things get better for me soon.

One Month!

Sep 15, 2007

So I'm down a total of 30 pounds now and it's been one-month since my surgery. Everything had been going great until Monday of this week.

I was eating my Tuna and it got stuck. I ended up throwing up like crazy that night. Tuesday I decided that I'd stay on liquids just to be safe. That night I ended up throwing up again. Except this time it was a really weird brown color and looked like shredded beef (WTF?). I was worried, but my doctor's appointment was Thursday, so I figured it could wait until then. Wednesday I woke up and tried to sip some protein shake, but 10 minutes later, I threw it up. And ended up throwing up most everything I drank that day too. 

Thursday I went to the doctor and explained what happened. He said that it was probably just from getting the food stuck, and not to worry. But if it happened again, to call the office. Well, that night, I started throwing up again. So I called yesterday and they put me on three different types of medication. It could be an ulcer or it could be a stricture (where my little pouch closes up). We're going to watch it, and if it comes to the point where I can't even keep water down, then I'll have to go back into the hospital.

I haven't eaten anything in 6 days, which is so not good. I'll try something soft tomorrow to work my way back into regular food. I'm so afraid of getting sick again though =[


Sep 05, 2007

Well it's been almost 3 weeks since my surgery and I've lost about 22 lbs so far. Everyone says I look great. I feel good, but I'm getting frustrated with food. I just don't know what to eat. Nothing sounds good and I'm not even hungry most of the time. 

I'm nowhere near getting my protein and water in. I'm close on protein because of my protein drinks, but the water thing is ridiculous. I don't like the taste of any of it. It's especially hard because I'm not supposed to drink 90 minutes before I eat, and 90 minutes after I eat. That takes up alot of drinking time. What am I supposed to do, drink while I'm asleep? Ugh.

I've started back to school this week and it has me unbelievably stressed out. I wish I could take another semester off and just deal with this WLS, but I'm already behind a semester so that's probably not a good idea. I'd actually like to graduate soon.

Anyways, it's been a frustrating week =[


Aug 28, 2007

Today was the happiest day of my life.


OMG, it is SUCH a relief not to have that thing sticking out of me anymore. It was also my first day outside of the house since surgery. After I got my drain out, my mom and I went to get my books for school, we went to Target, and I went with her to run some errands for her work. It was a bit tiring, but it felt SO good to get out.

And as for the weight-loss....I'VE LOST 16LBS SO FAR! How exciting. Everyone at the doctor's office seemed pretty pleased with that. I still need to get my fluids in, but I'll get there.

I also went to my surgeon's support group tonight. I felt very awkward. I was pretty much the only one who had just had their surgery. Most were atleast 2-3 months out. They were actually surprised I made it to the meeting so soon after my surgery. Everyone seemed very nice, so I'll probably go to next month's meeting. Maybe by then I'll have some of the same issues and can relate more to the conversations.

I'm exhausted now. Time for bed :]

1 week out!

Aug 25, 2007

Sooooooooo...I'm a week out! It's hard to believe it went by so quickly. I've mostly had a good week, but the past two days haven't been all that great. I'm on the pureed protein part of my diet, and I've been trying to find things that taste good as mush.

The only thing that works so far is eggs. I had a little bit of refried beans and they were okay, but I was afraid they'd give me gas. I tried to eat some cottage-cheese and a cream of chicken soup, but my new little stomach didn't like them and I was sick forever. Haven't thrown up, I just get really queasy and hot and it's just not fun. Scratching those off the list for a little while.

I know I'm not getting enough protein in. I'm going to have to start drinking some more protein shakes since I can't seem to get very much in food.

I'm also supposed to drink 64oz of water, but I haven't quite gotten there yet either. I've only got maybe 32oz, at the most.

My stomach is still really sore from the surgery and I just feel completely full all of the time. I have to force myself to get ANYTHING down. But I'm only a week post-op, so I probably shouldn't be too hard on myself, but I want to do good.

I made it!

Aug 20, 2007

Hi Everyone! I made it through surgery okay. They kept me in the recovery room for almost 8 hours because I didn't react well to the drugs they gave me. I was so so so nauseated when I woke up that I thought I was going to die. They tried 8 different drugs before something finally worked.

I was up and walking fairly soon after the drugs wore off. They were surprised I was up and moving that fast. Apparently I was the only one out of the 3 of us who had the surgery to get up and walk. I wanted off of my morphine drip right away too, because it kept making me sick. So I just had my liquid Lortab and a shot of Toredol every six hours for pain. I was doing really well :]

They let me go home yesterday (Sunday) too.

I'm having a hard time getting comfortable because my back hurts, but I'm just so glad to be home I don't even care. Today's been a good day, I've been up and down the stairs several times, walking around and finally being able to sit up without much pain. I'm excited :]

Thanks to everyone who sent me happy thoughts :] I'll update again on my progress soon.

First post!

Aug 14, 2007

Here's a little bit about my journey so far...:

It has almost taken me two years to get to this point. When I first went to my consult I weighed 305. After a year of being on the pre-op diet, I now weigh 235. After dealing with a bunch of paperwork crap (took FOREVER to get approval) I finally got myself a surgery date.

It was scheduled for April 29th, but when I went in for my pre-op labs, my iron was way low so they gave me some iron pills to take 3 times a day for a month and postponed my surgery until then. They were pretty pleased with everything else though. 

So a little over a month later, my iron was back up and I was all set to again. My pre-op appointment would be July 24th and my surgery would be August 1st!

Pre-op day comes and get there at 8 and finally see the doctor at 11. Everything goes great, he's pleased with my continued weight-loss (another 10lbs) and got me all set for my surgery date of August 1st and sends me down to admitting at the hospital for my blood work, ekg, and chest x-ray.

What happens down there? I find out that my Dad's insurance changed on the 1st, and I'm no longer covered. No one even contacted me to tell me that they cancelled me. So I call my Dad in hysterics trying to figure out what happened and I can't get ahold of him. So they send me back up to my doctor's office and I talk to the lady in charge of all the insurance. They couldn't do anything for me. I had to get this figured out on my own.

Well, everything ended up working out okay with the insurance, thank god. It was a hellish week trying to get everything figured out, but my Dad really came through for me. Since my insurance changed from an HMO, to an EPO, there were different requirements for surgery. Thankfully, all I needed was a nutritional evaluation, and then I was ready to go. Usually the process takes up to 6 weeks to get everything done, but the lady from my dad's work who does the insurance pushed everything through for me.

So last week was my pre-op and everything went fabulously there.

I'm good to go for my surgery on Friday!

I'm excited and nervous all at the same time.

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