5 months post-op!

Oct 05, 2009

Well today marks my 5 month post-op! I haven't really posted anything much thus far, but for the first time I am actually noticing a difference in my weight loss! I Currently have lost 128 lbs. in 5 months! Finally able to wear normal sized clothes, and am out of the comfort hoodies and sweats hopefully for good! Still have 20 lbs. to my surgeons goal of 170 and 30 lbs. to my nutriotionalist's/my personal goal of 160, so Hope to reach that goal!
Hope to post more great news soon!

11 day Plateau

Jun 29, 2009

Well I just went through my first plateau! I was totally freaking out! 
June 15-26  11 days and still the same weight, but now I am back loosing again and feeling much better about things! 
Maybe it was the V8, I was drinking that quite frequently and quit that cold turkey and drank more water and now I am back on track! 
But I did notice one thing about being the same weight for a number of days, my skin is starting to suck back up during that time so that is a plus, maybe my body needed to catch up with the weight loss!
I went from 318 pre-op to 243 since may 4th! .......74 lbs gone in 8 weeks!!!! ....... So I guess that is ok lets face it, my goal is to lose it all by next may 2010 so maybe I should just relax I only have 73 more lbs to go so I hit the halfway mark and boy that feels good! 

surgery postponed til 5/4/09

Apr 30, 2009

Was supposed to have surgery on 4/29/09, but My surgery got postponed til 5/4/09 my doctor had a few things come up! So here we go again! Hope this date is ok!
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