June 2020

Jun 22, 2020

Time had flown by! It's almost 17 years since my RNY surgery and I have managed to keep ALL the weight off!!! Preop I was 244lbs and today I am 117 lbs. I stay between 110-117 lbs now. No one who meets me now believes me if I decide to tell them that I had WLS. 
This surgery really gave me a 2nd chance at life! I firmly believe that it works, as a tool, to help with weight loss. I went to school and became a surgical tech, so that I could help the surgeons who perform the surgery! I didn't stop there. I went back to school and became a nurse too! It's important to me to be that patient advocate, regardless of the situation. 
I have become know at my hospital for the wild color streaks in my hair sometimes and the numerous ear piercings and how everything I have must match perfectly! I never had that confidence before WLS. 


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