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"I met with Dr. Noel Williams of the University of Pennsylvania Hospital. He was very nice and a little funny. I believe he's British. He answered all my questions and was very patient with me. I asked him if this would be the last time I saw him until surgery. He said that I would probably see him around, but unless I requested for him to come in, I wouldn't meet with him again until my pre-op apppointments (2-3 weeks before surgery). During our conversation, he stressed the risks of surgery, the category that I was in (low-medium risk), and the other categories that patients fall into. He drew me pictures and explained most of what would happen immediately afterwards. I haven't had many interactions with him yet, but I would rate him as a 8 on a 1 to 10 scale. I also talked with the Clinical nurse Samatha Warner-Grimsley. She was very nice and gave a lot of information.rnrn1-11-06: After my initial consultation (February), I didn't see Dr. Williams again until 1-2 days after my surgery. He came into check to see how I was. I was very groggy, so he didn't stay that long. I really didn't expected to see the doctor to much because during my initial visit I asked him if I would see him again, he said most likely not until surgery, unless somethings wrong. Nothing went wrong, but I would have like to see him before they put me to sleep before the surgery, but I didn't."

University of Pennsylvania.

"At first, I was placed in the Critical Care Unit. The room was clean and beautiful, the workers were great, and it was extremely calming. Everyone was so nice and helpful. Although, they did not have a lot of experience with WL patients. The evening before I was about to check out, I was moved to another unit. The room was small, nasty, and, dirty. I was absolutely uncomfortable and all my machines could not fit in the room. I had to share a room that was half the size of the original room I was in. Many of the nurses were mean and impatient. The floor was loud and made me very uncomfortable. I have heard that the hospital now has a wing strictly for Bariatric Surgery Patients. All the staff on the floor has been trained to specialize in the bariatric field. I don't personally know anyone whose been there recently, but I've heard that it's really nice now."
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