19 month update

Nov 01, 2009

Ok so I know It has been forever since I last posted so I decided to finally take the time and do an update!

I am currently 180lbs, for a total loss of 155lbs!!!! I can hardly believe it. I am wearing a loose fitting size 10 pants and a M/L top.(even my shoe size got smaller, I used to wear a 8 or 9, now I wear 7 or 8) It still amazes me everyday that I have accomplished so much in such a short period of time. Especially since exercise is pretty much impossible due to my back condition and paralysis of the left leg. 

I am currently waiting for a plastic surgery consult because I do have skin issues that I want fixed.  My stomach is actually not bad at all. My biggest problem areas are the arms, thighs and breasts. I do want my stomach done aswell though. Along with the loose skin I do have problems that go along with it... the rashes, I cut myself while shaving easily, and ofcourse the clothing issues. I also struggle with the low self-esteem too. I feel very uncomfortable wearing clothes that expose these areas.I did buy bikinis this summer, but only felt comfortable wearing them in front of family. I am working on it though. Don't get me wrong I feel much better about myself since losing the weight, it just seems that I have new issues. I am still a work in progress though and remind myself of that every day!!

As far as food goes I am very lucky in that department. I can eat pretty much anything I want, just not much of it. I am still on the smaller end of the post-surgery serving size. Which is fine by mean. The only thing I still have trouble tolerating is redmeat, unless it is ground.  I work really hard to get my daily water and protein in, although I still struggle at times. I take my vitamins faithfully.

I had to have my long hair cut off this summer. It thinned out quite a bit and it was a personal choice more then a necessity. I had really thick hair so if you didn't know me you would never have known the difference, but I also wanted a change. I LOVE my new sexy sassy short hair. I have really naturally curly hair so it looks really nice shorter. I have been flooded with compliments... which takes getting used to!

I am a totally new person in every way. I am still shy but I am coming out of my shell more and more. I absolutely LOVE to shop, which I never dreamed possible, and I can share clothes with my Mom and Sister. My health is soooo much better and I am only taking meds for my back now. I look younger then my age and for the first time I FEEL younger then my age!

This surgery is truly a blessing and I have no regrets at all!! Well only one...... that it took so long to get!!! I wouldn't change my mind any day, best thing that has ever happened to me.

For those of you still waiting or just starting the process, as I always say.... IT IS WORTH THE WAIT!!!!!!!


Mar 23, 2009

Ok so it has been way too long since I last posted. My 1 year surguversary just passed and I am doing amazing! I am down a total of 150lbs. ( currently 185lbs) I am now wearing a size 11/12 or L pants, and a size m/l tops. I have lost over 50 inches. I still can't believe it. I have come so far!!  I am still paralyzed in the left leg so exercise is a bit challenging, but I am progressing well! I will probably need some work done once I reach my goal, but it is still possible I might not. My skin elasticity is pretty good.

I still have better days then others when it comes to food. Some days I am still not able to eat much. Red meat is still a no for me, which I do not mind because I never was much of a red meat eater. I still can eat all the foods I love just smaller amounts.  I drink as much water as possible, and try very hard to keep my protein levels high. I go through spells where my hair thins, luckily I have a lot of it so it is not noticeable.

I am finally enjoying life again! This is the best thing that has happened to me and I thank God everyday for this gift! I truly feel reborn. For all of those waiting hang in there, it is so worth the wait!!!!


Oct 22, 2008

I was dwon to 210lbs as of my 6 months anniversary. Total loss of 125lbs. It is amazing for me still!!  My size 16 were getting too big, and my size 1X tops were getting big too! So I moved into a size 14 pants and size XL top. They were a bit snug but much better then the bigger sizes!

I am now 6.5 months out from surgery and I am now wearing a very comfortable 14 and size L-XL top. I have regained some weight because I discovered I was pregnant with twins in September.  So I gained some weight due to the pregnancy.

Sadly I misscarried the babies last wednesday at 18 weeks. I have been told it was due to the stress my body has gone through and I was also exposed to the chicken pox virus which gave me really bad pnuemonia. Needless to say I am completely devasted by this loss. They were identical twin boys.

Now I am focusing on getting well both mentally and physically and getting back on track with my weightloss.

I still do not regret this surgery, it was the best decision I have ever made. I know my time will come to be a MOM, I just have to wait for my time.



Aug 31, 2008

I can hardly believe I have lost 117lbs!!  I have just hit my first stall over the past couple weeks.  I have not lost too much weight only a few lbs. BUT I am ok with that!  I have been lucky enough to lose so much over the past 5.5 months.  I am truly blessed!!

I am officially a member of the century lost club.  I feel so much better and my self esteem has improved so much.  I leave for Newfoundland on tuesday to start my new life!!  I am so excited I can hardly wait. 

My nerves and emotins have been all over the place this week so there have been lots of times where eating was hard. So needless to say the stall is due to that. I will get back on track once I get settled. Back to the eating properly and exercising. plus I need to start logging evrything I eat and drink again, complete with calories consumed and protein. I find I do much better when I am logging it!  More accountable I guess!

I am really nervous about being away from all my family, but I know I am only a drive or plane ride away. Worse case scenerio if I dont like it I can always come home!!  I truly think this is the right path for me!

I will keep up my blog once I get settled in.  To all you newbies...THIS TRULY WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!!!!!  FOR THE BETTER!


Aug 19, 2008

It is hard to believe 5 months has come and gone!!  I was down 107lbs as of my 5 month anniversary! (August 12th) 

I am so amazed at how much better I feel.  I am truly blessed.  I am moving to Newfoundland on September 3rd for a new start. I would NEVER have made this bold of a decision before!  This sugery has truly changed my life. I am such a happier and healthier person. I must admit at times I revert back to old habits and do not eat the best, but for the most part I have made the changes needed to be healthier.  Now all I hope for is to find the love of my life and start that much desired family.  I will keep you all posted!  Wish me luck!!!

95lbs gone forever!!!!

Jul 22, 2008

Well it has been a while since I have posted.  I have just returned from a 2 month visit to Newfoundland, and was not on the computer enough to keep up my blog!

I have lost a total of 95lbs so far!!!!   I can not believe it!!!!!!!  I feel so much better about myself , and also physically too!  I am now in a size 16, from a size 22/24.

I still have days that it is hard to get in enough water or sometimes food too.  For the most part I have no trouble tolerating any types of food.  I have had times where I have vomited.  This started about a month ago, but seems to be getting better.

I still feel a bit embarrassed when I eat out and can not even eat 1/4 of my food.  It usually brings strange looks from the server. I am sure I will get used to it.

My family could not be prouder, and the friends that know are also thrilled for me.  people who have not seen me in a while (and do not know about the surgery) flood me with compliments.  It is very different for me and I am certainly not used to all this attention.  BUT I kind of like it...LOL!!  It really makes you feel good.

To all of you out there still waiting.....IT IS SOOOOO WORTH THE WAIT!!!!!  HANG IN THERE.


May 12, 2008

I can not believe it has been 2 months already!!  I am so thankful for this blessing from God!  I am getting my life back.

I am very pleased with the weightloss, especially since I am partially paralysed in my left leg. It makes exercising a bit of a challenge.  I have been doing the treadmill every other weekday, and on the weekends walking around shopping most of the day.  I am also doing resistant bands for arms and balance ball for inner thighs.  I did the treadmill this morning and did 20 mins, 0.75 miles!!!  I am very proud of that!!!!  I am hoping to get to a mile in under 20 minutes!

I had set a mini goal to get under 250lbs by my 2 month anniversary, and was so thrilled this morning when my sister weighed me!!  I DID IT 249lbs....YIPPPPEEEEEE!!!

I booked plane tickets this weekend to go to Newfoundland to see and old childhood friend that I have not seen in almost 10 years.  I am so excited.

It has not been easy all the time.  I have had times that have been hard and times that will be hard but it is so worth it.  To see the scales go down and my clothes get looser is such a wonderful feeling.  I have been blessed!  I have not had any problems tolerating any food.  I even have the occasional bread product. ( toasted mini bagel) I do not plan on having bread or rice often but every once in a while is not bad!  I can eat about 2oz of meat/egg and 1-2tbsp fruit or veggie, sometimes can only eat the protein.  I still have to have 6 small meals a day because of the small amounts I can consume. I  have to have 1 protein juice  and I instant breakfast for extra calories and proten each day. I consume between 1.5oz to 2oz a day.

I am losing faster up top then around my mid section which kind of bothers me, because I look out of proportion.  BUT everyone keeps telling me it will catch up.  I was always big but I was firm, so having "jiggly" skin is weird for me.  I was told at my re-check appointment on Friday that I have very supple skin.  They said that I might have to put up with some sagging and jiggling for the next year but in the end they feel it will not be too bad.  My tummy has already gotten so much smaller and my rear end is to.  From the side view I have lost alot, but when I look straight in the mirror I have a "spare tire" look!  My next goal is to get 10lbs more off, and tone up around the mid section more before I go to Newfoundland.  I leave June 26th!  (I will not be crushed if I dont make it, but it gives me some motivation!!)

Well that about it for now.  Anyone who is reading this and waiting for surgery...it is sooo worth the wait.  I waited 6 years!!!

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Apr 24, 2008

Well I am not feeling so hot today.  It has nothing to do with my WLS it is because my Back,and nerve pain.  I was up almost all night again last night!  I had nerve pain so bad, and that damn itching it causes. 

I am so discouraged.  I was on a great drug for the nerves but it wasn't covered by my insurance plan...because it is listed as a treatment for MS!! I couldn't afford to keep it, as it was $800.00 a month. Yup you heard me $800.00.  So I am now on the "next best thing"  which is also not covered and is 160.00.  I don't mind the cost, IF it actually worked!!!  Well it does work some because my specialist says without it I would be back to square one and in hospital.  I spent enough time there, so I will keep tacking it.  BUT I am slowly losing my mind...LOL!!!

Besides all that I am doing very well since my surgery.  I continue to keep making progress.  I am now approaching the end of week 3 on my stage 4 pureed/ground.  I have not minded this stage at all.  I was able to eat a lot of the things I love, like fish and chicken.  I am doing very well tolerating food.  I can now eat 1.5-2oz of protein (ie. tuna, haddock, chicken, egg,etc..)  I can even tolerate bits of red meat if it is VERY tender (slow cooker).  I have not eaten this much though only 3 times.  I have to make sure that it is very moist too. I add either 1-2tbsp fruit/veggie or 2-3 low fat crackers. (I really like Rice Thins Cheddar)  They are only 20cals for 3 and are thin and tasty.  It almost feels like eating chips.  They are really good with ham, egg, or tuna salad.  I also limit these, only about twice a week. 

I have not tried refried beans yet, but hope to next week.  I have tried some stagg chili, which I have heard a lot of people suggest.   I could not tolerate it.  I only ate about 2 tbsp worth and instantly felt sick.  I seem to be overly sensitive to spicy food since my surgery.   I had gas pains and bloating for the rest of the day.  I also had 2 trips to the bathroom, not to vomit though.  So apparently my little pouch did not like that.  No more chili for me.  So as you can guess, that is why I haven't tried the refried beans just yet...LOL!

I hope the scale will go down more than 1lb next week.  My clothes are still getting looser and looser!!  I have continued to do some exercises.  I would love to be able to do the treadmill but it is too difficult right now, with the bad nerve pain and all. BUT I am doing some core exercises, and resistance with band for my legs and arms.  Hopefully I will be able to get back on the treadmill soon!

PHEW!!!  That was long post....SORRY!!!


Apr 21, 2008

OK so Sunday is my usual weigh in day.   I was very excited to weigh in because I added exercise this week, and did a fair amount of walking. (which is very good for me due to my  impairment)    So I step on the scale and..........-1lb!!    I was so upset , and dissapointed.     I know this must sound crazy that I was upset, it even sounded crazy to me and my sister!!   BUT I cound't help it,  I WAS upset.   It was awful !   I had this sudden rush of being a failure, and in my mind I was going to be the one that didn't lose weight.  I was losing really good, then this???   I knew in my head that it will slow down,  I just did't think it would be this soon!    How is it possible not to keep losing well, since afterall I am practically starving myself???      So I ranted and raved, and finally my sister said "Kris why dont we do your measurements?"  ... I said "no I probably didn't lose that way either".    She finally managed to convince me.  Even though I wasn't going to measure myself until the end of the month, since that is when I first did it.   I was just going to do it monthly!

Well in 20 days I lost an average of 1.5" on each place.  Breasts, waist, hips, arms, and legs. I could not believe it!  I instantly felt my spirits lift!!  Although I also realized how important exercise is too!!   LOL   My arms and legs are getting a bit saggy and soft.  I also realized I need a new bra because my others are too big!   

I decided to try on some clothes.  My step-father had already brought down my size 18-20 bins last time he was here.   I wore that size for years...until I packed on more weight and went up to a 24 over the last couple years.   I was so pleased to find that all my size 20 jeans fit.  They were a perfect fit...but I like to wear my clothes a bit baggy ( I guess old habits), so they will probably be perfect in a week or two.  Iam going to need to go through my closet soon, I did a bit but I will have to go through it better.  I am a bit scared to get rid of my clothes though!  Is that weird?

I also noticed other things once I was looking for them!  I have some NSV..1) I can clip my own toenails again, 2)  I can reach my Feet!! 3) I can see that I have breats, not just a belly (hehe) , 4) I can see my feet when standing straight!!, and 5) I can sit up in bed with no trouble at all!

So I guess there always is some good in bad!!  I am happy that I found mine 

1 Month Out!!!

Apr 13, 2008

I can not believe a month has passed by already!  I LOVE MY VSG!!!  I am down 22lbs since surgery and 53lbs pre-op,.... for a grand total of 75lbs!!  I am so excited, I can not believe my eyes!  I am actually shrinking and people are starting to notice!  I was excited earlier because I thought I was down 21lbs, but when I actually logged it I realized it was 22lbs!  YIPPPPEEE!!!  I am so grateful for all the help and support I have been receiving from all my fellow "LOSERS"  and upcoming members!  For anyone considering this surgery I strongly recommend (sp?) it!  I had an extremely difficult time losing weight, so this weight loss is amazing for me.  I can finally see a glimpse of the rainbow ahead!  I know my life is going to change for the best, I am reclaiming my health and my life!   I am seatbelted and ready for the ride!! LOL
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