May 12, 2008

I can not believe it has been 2 months already!!  I am so thankful for this blessing from God!  I am getting my life back.

I am very pleased with the weightloss, especially since I am partially paralysed in my left leg. It makes exercising a bit of a challenge.  I have been doing the treadmill every other weekday, and on the weekends walking around shopping most of the day.  I am also doing resistant bands for arms and balance ball for inner thighs.  I did the treadmill this morning and did 20 mins, 0.75 miles!!!  I am very proud of that!!!!  I am hoping to get to a mile in under 20 minutes!

I had set a mini goal to get under 250lbs by my 2 month anniversary, and was so thrilled this morning when my sister weighed me!!  I DID IT 249lbs....YIPPPPEEEEEE!!!

I booked plane tickets this weekend to go to Newfoundland to see and old childhood friend that I have not seen in almost 10 years.  I am so excited.

It has not been easy all the time.  I have had times that have been hard and times that will be hard but it is so worth it.  To see the scales go down and my clothes get looser is such a wonderful feeling.  I have been blessed!  I have not had any problems tolerating any food.  I even have the occasional bread product. ( toasted mini bagel) I do not plan on having bread or rice often but every once in a while is not bad!  I can eat about 2oz of meat/egg and 1-2tbsp fruit or veggie, sometimes can only eat the protein.  I still have to have 6 small meals a day because of the small amounts I can consume. I  have to have 1 protein juice  and I instant breakfast for extra calories and proten each day. I consume between 1.5oz to 2oz a day.

I am losing faster up top then around my mid section which kind of bothers me, because I look out of proportion.  BUT everyone keeps telling me it will catch up.  I was always big but I was firm, so having "jiggly" skin is weird for me.  I was told at my re-check appointment on Friday that I have very supple skin.  They said that I might have to put up with some sagging and jiggling for the next year but in the end they feel it will not be too bad.  My tummy has already gotten so much smaller and my rear end is to.  From the side view I have lost alot, but when I look straight in the mirror I have a "spare tire" look!  My next goal is to get 10lbs more off, and tone up around the mid section more before I go to Newfoundland.  I leave June 26th!  (I will not be crushed if I dont make it, but it gives me some motivation!!)

Well that about it for now.  Anyone who is reading this and waiting for surgery...it is sooo worth the wait.  I waited 6 years!!!

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