19 month update

Nov 01, 2009

Ok so I know It has been forever since I last posted so I decided to finally take the time and do an update!

I am currently 180lbs, for a total loss of 155lbs!!!! I can hardly believe it. I am wearing a loose fitting size 10 pants and a M/L top.(even my shoe size got smaller, I used to wear a 8 or 9, now I wear 7 or 8) It still amazes me everyday that I have accomplished so much in such a short period of time. Especially since exercise is pretty much impossible due to my back condition and paralysis of the left leg. 

I am currently waiting for a plastic surgery consult because I do have skin issues that I want fixed.  My stomach is actually not bad at all. My biggest problem areas are the arms, thighs and breasts. I do want my stomach done aswell though. Along with the loose skin I do have problems that go along with it... the rashes, I cut myself while shaving easily, and ofcourse the clothing issues. I also struggle with the low self-esteem too. I feel very uncomfortable wearing clothes that expose these areas.I did buy bikinis this summer, but only felt comfortable wearing them in front of family. I am working on it though. Don't get me wrong I feel much better about myself since losing the weight, it just seems that I have new issues. I am still a work in progress though and remind myself of that every day!!

As far as food goes I am very lucky in that department. I can eat pretty much anything I want, just not much of it. I am still on the smaller end of the post-surgery serving size. Which is fine by mean. The only thing I still have trouble tolerating is redmeat, unless it is ground.  I work really hard to get my daily water and protein in, although I still struggle at times. I take my vitamins faithfully.

I had to have my long hair cut off this summer. It thinned out quite a bit and it was a personal choice more then a necessity. I had really thick hair so if you didn't know me you would never have known the difference, but I also wanted a change. I LOVE my new sexy sassy short hair. I have really naturally curly hair so it looks really nice shorter. I have been flooded with compliments... which takes getting used to!

I am a totally new person in every way. I am still shy but I am coming out of my shell more and more. I absolutely LOVE to shop, which I never dreamed possible, and I can share clothes with my Mom and Sister. My health is soooo much better and I am only taking meds for my back now. I look younger then my age and for the first time I FEEL younger then my age!

This surgery is truly a blessing and I have no regrets at all!! Well only one...... that it took so long to get!!! I wouldn't change my mind any day, best thing that has ever happened to me.

For those of you still waiting or just starting the process, as I always say.... IT IS WORTH THE WAIT!!!!!!!


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