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"I have nothing but good to say! (although I must admit I was suprised at how young he looks) He is a very nice guy, bedside manner was great. I just had my surgery 2 weeks ago. I had my first meeting with him the end of January, he answered all my questions and never made me feel rushed in any way like most specialists do. I felt that I was very informed after completing the consult. He was very kind just before my surgery as well, making sure I fully understood what the procedure intailed and the after care to follow. He was a man of few words though, I had to iniate the conversation. Dr Klasson also performed the surgery. Both Doctors came to see me every day while in hospital, and again allowed and answered all my questions. Both Dr's had great bedside manners! Your in good hands if you have either surgeons. Both Dr's also have wonderful secretarys, and staff.rnrnI guess the only negative I have to say is that I was not told anything about the tube that would be up my nose and down into my stomach to drain out the \"fluid\". It was not too bad at first, but later it got extremely uncomfortable, it felt like it was coming out, and I was gagging every time I tried to talk. It was horrible. I told the nurse and she just taped it to my nose again. I told one of the interns that it was still bothering me the next morning and he discovered the tube had indeed come partially out. They could not remove it until I had my swallow test though, which wasn't until that afternoon. So I had to speak as little as possible and I could not even get down any water. After my test was completed the Dr was up very quickly to remove it. then I felt soo much better!"
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