I’ve been overweight my entire life.

Diets? I’ve tried them all: Weight Watchers (3x), low calorie, low fat, low carb, cabbage soup diet, phentermine (3x), comprehensive weight management clinic– if it promised weight loss, I’ve probably tried it. 


In about 2004 I went on a diet of my own, loosely based on Weight Watchers (first time). I lost 127 pounds in ten months and felt great. I manage to keep it off but got married and the weight  started to come back. Then we seperated, I put on more weight !  My highest weight was 305 lbs now I'm at 300 lbs. So disgusted!

I gained majority of my weight back–with lightning speed.



I really thought long and hard about weight loss surgery but the complications kept me from surgery.

But one thing I wanted was information on exactly what I was getting into. Would I regret the decision? How would having a gastric bypass change my life?

I’ve always been intensely self-conscious about my weight, so it wasn’t really an option to talk to the other women I knew who’d had weight loss surgery. But when I turned to the internet, it was very hard to find honest, objective information on what life was like after a gastric bypass.

Everyone was either sunshine-and-roses, or incredibly disparaging about the surgery. There just wasn’t a clear picture that I felt could help prepare me for what to expect.

But with the information I could gather, I made the decision that a gastric bypass surgery was right for me. I based this on:

  • I desperately wanted to lose weight, and after regaining the 92 pounds I had lost nothing seemed to be working
  • Regaining the weight after working so hard to lose it was just horrible. I wanted an option that would be permanent – this is why I chose gastric bypass over the lap band procedure, which has to be adjusted and can be removed 
  • Most of all, I wanted to be thin. I wanted to be beautiful. I was tired of feeling like less of a person because I couldn’t control my weight. I saw my fat as a character flaw. And if I’m being totally honest, it was this overwhelming desire to look like a normal person that really made the decision for me

There is a person I’ve always wanted to be. I’m not talking about idolizing someone else – this person is what I imagine the perfect version of me to be. She’s exuberant, full of joy and energy, can make you laugh, and just makes you feel good by being around her. She’s also hot – and let’s be honest, all women want to be beautiful. I’m not going to apologize for that.

But the bottom line is that my decision was based on a desire for better health but  also it was a highly emotional, self-esteem issue for me.

Well i had my consultation Feb 15, 2011 and it went great! I'M OFFICALLY PRE OP! I started my six month diet and exercise Feb 16, 2011. I need to drop 13 lbs within six months. Hopefully, October or early Novenber will have surgery! YAY ME!!!!

Wish me luck!!!!!!!


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