Day 6 Post-op

Mar 04, 2009

Well, here I am on the other side! Couldn't wait to get here! Now all I can think about is getting to the full liquid stage....were any of you SOOOOO hungry? I am told it's head hunger and I keep telling that to my sleeve...BUT it just ain't buying it!
I keep fantasizing about certain tastes and I promise chicken broth & Popsicles are NOT on the list!
I've also had a time with pain in the area of Liver drain. Mine was so huge and fatty that Dr. A had to use 2 trochars to hold it out of the way and then put a drain in afterward due to bleeding. MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW YOUR CLEAR LIQ. PRE-OP FAITHFULLY! I know part of the reason my liver was in bad shape is because I am diabetic and have familial hypertriglyceridemia, (high tri's). The good news is that VSG will alleviate both as long as I comply 100% and BEHAVE!
I guess I am surprised I still have such an appetite...I can hear my sleeve growling all the time, and I do not get that "FULL" feeling everyone talks about after 3-4 ounces of clear liquids?????
Other than that, I am GOOD, very happy to be home and looking forward to all the rewards of this tool. Hoping to have a LOT more energy before returning to work in 10 days! Especially since I work 12 hour night shifts
I am waiting to weigh on that first shift when I'll be 2 weeks p/o.
Thank you ALL for your prayers and well wishes....I think I am doing good!!??!!


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