Havent' been on here for quite some time. My life has changed so much since surgery and weight loss! I now have a wonderful man in my life and I live in New Zealand with him. Both of my sons have married and I'm even a grandmother!

August 2011

I was fat. Now I'm not. As much.

I had surgery on 102902. Hard to believe it has been 4 years. So much has happened in that four years. I started out a "light weight". I had surgery, stopped losing at 8 months out. Of course, I did all the things I could to restart it, but I stayed the same for four years. Now I've managed to drop 15 lbs in the past couple of months. Another 20 or so and I'll be at my personal goal weight.

My husband and I dissolved our 27 year marriage, and I can honestly say I am happier than I have been in a very long time. Had I not had WLS, I would probably still be stuck in an unhappy marriage, thinking it was the best I could do, since no one else would ever have me!

I gained self esteem and self confidence as I lost weight. That enabled me to take on some adventures I never would have considered when I was morbidly obese. My life is richer and I know more about myself than I could ever imagine. My only regret is that there was no preparation for the emotional and mental changes that come when you morph from the fat caterpillar to the svelte butterfly. (Or the clumsy, fuzzy moth, as the case may be.)

112206 Miracles still happen! Saw my PCP and I'm down 13 pounds from the last time I saw him in September. Maybe it has to do with that "other 186 pounds" I got rid of in October. Less stress in my life! I did realize, at one point, I was eating almost non-stop when my ex-husband was trying to have a "conversation" with me, and eating was probably my unconscious way of not having to talk to him!



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