My story....where do I begin?  

I am a 35-year-old married mother of 3 wonderful little boys.  My husband is awesome.  I don't know what I would do without him.  I think my life is pretty great, then there is the weight issue. 

I have been overweight most of my adult life.  I weigh more now than I ever have and I am just sick of it.  I want to be healthy.  I want to run and play with my kids.  I want to carry my baby upstairs and put him to bed without stopping at the top of the stairs to catch my breath.  I want to stop being hot ALL OF THE TIME! 

I started the WLS journey 3 years ago and it has taken me until now to just do it.  I was ready then, and my best friend talked me out of it and we joined Weight Watchers together.  That worked for awhile, I lost 30 pounds and got pregnant.....BIG surprise!  Now, we are both going down the WLS road. 

I know am addicted to food.  I eat when I'm happy and I eat when I am sad.  I eat when I am bored.  I just eat.  I think the dietary restrictions that come with this surgery are exactly what I need.  I have to change my whole life and from what I understand, you don't have a choice once you have the surgery.  I don't care to do the work, I just want results.  It sucks to work your butt off and see no results for weeks.  Then, I give up.  I give up and I eat to feel better about giving up.  Then I get on the scales and there are 5 more pounds, so I start the cycle all over again.  I have done that until I am sick of it and now I have 306 pounds to show for it.   

I have been lurking around this site for years and finally decided to add my profile.  Everyone here seems so helpful and that is awesome.  So, that's me in a nutshell.  I am just starting this process so I will try to keep it updated and maybe it will help someone the way all of the blogs on here have helped me.

Take care..... 

07/12/07 - 322
07/30/07 - 299
08/07/07 - 292 
08/12/07 - 287 (1 month out - down 35 lbs!)
08/19/07 - 282
09/12/07 - 272 (2 months out - down 50 lbs!!)
10/12/07 - 262 (3 months - down 60 lbs)
11/12/07 - 257 (4 months - down 65 lbs)
12/12/07 - 248 (5 months - down 74 lbs)
01/12/08 - 241 (6 months - down 81 lbs)
02/12/08 - 237 (7 months - down 85 lbs)
03/12/08 - 232 (8 months - down 90 lbs)


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