Well, I'm officially a statistic....

Nov 23, 2009

As of Saturday, I'm officially a statistic for WLS. I gave my husband the boot on Saturday. I don't think it was a matter of me changing and deciding he was not worthy or anything. And at one point he did treat me wonderfully. At one point he was kind and loving and appreciative of everything I did for him and the family. But that all changed. I had surgery 3+ years ago and over the last year to 18 months I noticed changes. The husband was "checked out" of the marriage for longer and longer periods of time. He was and still is living his life on cruise control. Some people told me that they saw this coming (at lot actually) and some have even said they saw it coming since I had surgery... Some how I don't really think surgery made the difference here. But what ever the reason, a little over 3 years after my DS and you can put another tick mark in the divorced after surgery column. Now I just have to wait out the year that this crappy state makes me wait before I can file.... ughhh... I just want it done and over with so that all parties involved can move on. I'll still have to see him due to our kiddo together, but I'd feel better if he had nothing like technically being married to hang over my head... oh well.... gotta just deal.
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A lot can happen in a year...

Sep 12, 2007

OK, I know yesterday I just put down a quick blurb so... here goes more detail...

In a year's time I have lost 124.1 lbs. From a highest weight ever of 367.9

I started out with a BMI of 56 which is now down to 38.1

I can wear sizes down to 14... which is a far cry from busting seems on 28's a year ago. 

I changed jobs which increased my salary by more than 10%.

I can walk away from bad foods with ease. People are always comenting on my "will power". The truth of the matter is I am either too full to eat the extra sweets or don't have a taste for them. 

I can be on my 4 year old son's level and play with him a lot longer now.

I can do so many things without being tired.

Although I am no size five, I now turn heads in a good way.

I am still loosing weight so I don't buy clothes thinking about how long it will be before they are too tight, but thinking about how long before they are too baggy.

One Year Out

Sep 11, 2007

I am one year out from surgery today. I have lost a total of 124 lbs thus far. I am still loosing weight, but of course not as quickly as I was in the begining. My life has definately changed for the better and I would have the surgery all over again.


Jul 27, 2007

I wore size 16W pants to work today and bought size 14W dress this past weekend. I'm realizing I am so very close to being a size 12. That was always the size that I said I'd be happy if I made it to. Very much a WOW for me.  I'm down 117lbs to date. I am just hoping that I can keep the weight loss going. But while it has slowed down, it has not stopped. And for the most part I have been pretty good. My company is starting a gym reimbursement program soon. I'm definately going to sign up and take advantage of that.

update 7-16-07

Jul 16, 2007

Started my new job today. I didn't feel like the "fat chick" or at least not embarassed by my size. I'm very excited about the company discount. Even though I work in the corp office, I still get the retail discount. I did make a mistake wearing heels, but other than that it was a good day. I am down 114 lbs now. I am hoping to be starting on an exercize program since this job change means a daycare change and a daycare change means that the hubby can help me more getting our little guy to daycare. I really feel good about where I am right now and even though I may still need to loose some weight and even thought I may still need some plastic surgery... I feel like the new start has given me a more true reflection of where I am now, not where I have been.


May 24, 2007

I've lost 105 lbs from my surgery. Down several sizes. And doing well.

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