Got a little tweak

Nov 05, 2010

Well, I decided that I needed some help again and got my ass back to the doc's office on Thursday. When I was there in May, I had a full CC taken out and another 0.5 just about 2 months early, taking me back down to 5 CC. The weight in May was 180 lbs and this time around I was about 188. Although I am higher than I want to be, this wasn't as bad as I had thought. I would like to get back to 170 lbs and that's my goal for my birthday.

Dr B's wife - also a lapband doctor now - gave me .5CC. She said she didn't want to do more than that as I had some history with reflux. She told me to try this out for 6 - 8 weeks and see how I am feeling and come back again if I need a change.

As with times before, I felt like I didn't "deserve" a fill as I hadn't been putting in the effort myself. But I am a food addict and I NEED the help. There is nothing wrong with that. I am glad I went. I have to be honest and say I have lost a lot of faith in myself and my ability to get back down to where I was but I won't give up.

Stopped in to talk to Rinette (the dietician) and she reminded me to get back to basics. Measure and weigh the food. Eat three small meals and three snacks daily (which is not something I've ever done to be honest). To be sure I don't eat and drink at the same time - I'm pretty good about that skill. She suggested 1200 calories, which I think for me is too low but I'll commit to at least writing down everything I eat and see how I make out. I know I am stubborn not to just stick with the recommended calories but I frigging love food! Also, since I teach 5 days / week at the gym, I do believe my caloric intake can be closer to 1600 and I can still lose. That's been my experience in the past and if that works for me, then WOOHOO!

Did my day and a half of liquids and today I'm ready to graduate to mushies again. Wish me luck!


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