Joined Weight Watchers

Apr 08, 2011

Well at the end of February, I caved in and went back and had some fill out again. Clearly this is the proper level for me, where I am now - more than this and I suffer too much from reflux.

I decided that I needed some help and have joined Weight Watchers. At least until I get rolling on my own again. The price is a deterrent - cost me $46 to join and for the first meeting. $18 / meeting thereafter and it's a FREAKING 1/2 hour meeting. I guess my head is saying that if I have to pay that kind of money to be accountable, I'd better damn well be losing.

So I thought I would "test" their theory in week one and eat all my daily points (29 / day), all my weekly points(49 total) and every single exercise point that I earned. I did just that and still managed to lose 4.4 lbs so I was thrilled. As of last night, I was 188.8. I would love to be back to 170 lbs for my wedding which is August 26th. Actually I would love to be there in time for my dress fitting which I will schedule near the middle of June.

I also decided to do it now as opposed to when I get back from my trip to Cuba, which is April 19th - 26th. I decided that if I didn't turn it around, I could soon be seeing the other side of 200 lbs. That's a place that I do not want to go. I'm mortified enough that I was up almost 44 lbs from my lowest. I know in my heart that 170 is do-able for me and where I want to head for now.

That is still well above what a "healthy range" is but I will never be a small lady. Nor do I really want to be. I admit that I love food and I am without any doubt at all, a food addict. That's not going to change ... and that's ok. Right now, I want to focus on this week alone -- again doing what I did in week one and see if I can carve another couple of lbs off  before Cuba. If I could stay the same when I get back from Cuba that would be a great scenario!

I'm going for it :)


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