Lapband coming out after all this time

Jun 01, 2018

Last fall I started having pain in my side - felt like cracked ribs to be honest. I started by going to the lapband doctor to ensure nothing was amiss there. They didn't see anything but took out a little of the fill for me. Then I went to my family doctor - an xray showed nothing. Next step? A bonescan - showed nothing. Next step? A catscan - showing nothing. Back to lapband doc at the end of March, where the nurse could "obviously" see my port protruding.

Since end of November, I had lost 40 lbs doing keto and I'm 166 currently. Doc gave me a cortisone shot that day hoping it would reduce "inflammation". However no result (I think I am resistant to most drugs as a shot on my knee didn't work either). He said it is rare (in his experience) and he has moved ports to the other side of the body but without much success.

Yesterday I saw him and asked to have it removed completely. I've had the pain since last September and I don't want to continue with this kind of pain. I'm comfortable with keto now so I think I'll be ok without the band. It's a big step but I want a better quality of life and this side pain has been draining me. He said "after the summer" - hopefully there will be a cancellation and he can get me in earlier but if not, the fall it will be. 


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