Feb 03, 2012

i know i complain about being sick a lot but i wouldn't change what ive done for the world. im 4 days away from being 3 months post opp from a gastric bypass. ive lost almost 90 lbs and at least 4 sizes! i can walk around a store, i can stand up in the shower, i can climb stairs, i can swim laps, i can BREATH! i took so much for granted. I have broken chairs, Not fit into wheelchairs, stretched all my clothes to the limits. its embarrassing how bad i let myself get. it just got hard and i stopped moving! if anyone is struggling with health and weight like me NEVER stop moving!!! take control of your life again talk to a doctor find out your options and make a plan that works for u. today i love the way i feel in my body! and not because im some impossible small size. i feel good cause i can move and im healthy.


i need help!!

Oct 22, 2011

started my liquid protien pre opp diet. cant stand all the protien stuff ive tryed the smell makes me sick!!! what can i try?

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