Long Time No Post...

Jan 05, 2010

I have made my way back to OH. I have been a bad girl. I have turned into a snacker and rarely eat meals. I have put on a couple of lbs...nothing much, but I need to nip it right now. I really would like to finish off another 30 lbs. I am soooo not done yet!

Most of this snacking has been brought on by the devil that is the night shift in labor and delivery. There are always snacks and pot lucks on the floor. New Years has brought on a surge of healthfulness from most of the nurses, so I will have some support. 

I am doing the 5 day pouch test and am hanging in there. I haven't visited the bathroom this much in a long time. You know your water intake is bad when you are going on your 10th hour of a 12 hour shift and realize you haven't taken a break to pee. 



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