My story starts at age 12 but we're not going to go back that far. Suffice to say food, deafness/hh, stress and emotions are/were my issues that began at that age. Sound familiar? This story starts in July 2007 after 19 years of truly being obese. My highest weight was over 400+ which I last recorded in early 2000. When I started doing something about the weight in early 1997; I had a new job, new city and motivation. My insurance (same as now) covered 6 visits with a nutritionist and after that I found a way to pay for a visit a week for the next 3 months. I walked daily, food journaled and was really strict but in 3 years I dropped over 100#. Since then I've been hitting a lot of platues. I've been trying everything, again. My latest efforts which began in Nov 2004 is a team approach. I've learned it's the ONLY and BEST way to truly succeed in this effort. I have a personal trainer, gym membership, my personal care doctor is on board and I have a counselor. Success was experienced at a slow rate of 1/8 to 1/2 pound every other week. But, in 2006-07 I spent the time going up/down the same 20#. That's when I took my doctor's suggestion seriously to consider surgery. I know several people who've had RYN but no one with Lapband. I had heard of my surgeon from some friends of friends. I started my research and in July 2007 requested an info packet from my surgeon. It wasn't until October 2007 that I followed through on the paperwork and obtained my first visit. Today, I have insurance approval and expect to have a surgery date in the next week or two.

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